Whenever we upgrade our electric tools or appliances, we think that the accessories of the older version of the tool will work in the newer one.

But this never happens because when a company makes an upgrade, they make many changes.

Like the drones, the DJI drone industry has made another upgraded version of the mini 2 drone camera. The newer updated drone is called mini 3.

As you know, drones have a battery problem; regardless of your drone’s brand, the battery will last half an hour.

So if you have also bought the new DJI mini 3 and you think that the battery of the DJI mini 2 and 3 are the same, then this article is specially written for you because it is a very big misconception.

So if you have a question about the DJI mini 2 and mini 3 batteries, then keep yourself reading this article.

Are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same?

Similar appearance, many distinctions. Just like the design of the batteries, power output and timing are quite different in both. DJI mini 2 and DJI mini 3 differ greatly. Do not use the mini 2 battery in the mini 3.

Stay with the article because some other questions are answered that might come to your mind and become a headache. Keep reading.

What is the Difference Between DJI mini 2 and 3 Batteries?

It might look like the batteries of both drones are the same. But it is not true; the shape of the batteries or anything can’t decide what it is. Important differences to discuss.

The Size

The mini 2 battery has less weight than the mini 3 battery. The DJI company has made two batteries for the mini 3.

The first is the standard battery, and the second is the intelligent battery plus. The second one is more powerful than the standard battery. In mini 2, this option is not available.

If you see the second one, then the size of it and weight also will be more than the mini 2, which will increase the drone’s weight and be more than 250g.

Standard mini 3 battery, no weight or size worries.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same
Are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same?

But for the intelligent plus, you will need to register the drone with the institute that makes the rules of drone flights in your country.

You are good to go if your drone weighs less than 250g. So this is the first and most crucial difference between the DJI mini 2 and 3.

When the size of your drone increases and the weight to 250, it is important for you to register your drone.

Battery Timing

The battery of the mini 3 has more timing than the mini 2 as it is clear that its design and size are more significant than the older one. And also, you know that it is an upgraded drone version.

So it is evident that its battery timing will be more. If you do use the plus intelligent battery in your mini 3, then the battery will also increase.

An experiment conducted by the pilots of mini 2 and 3 has told that the battery timing of the DJI mini 3 is more than the mini 2. They have also said the timing in the digits.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

The DJI mini 2 hovers in the room or inside any building for 23 minutes and more than 40 seconds. On the other hand, the mini 3 hovers in the rook for approximately 27 minutes, which is quite enough difference.

The main difference between the battery timing is that the battery of the mini 2 is small, and with the battery, the actual weight of the whole drone is only 250g.

If we talk about the mini 3, it is sure that the battery timing will be increased as its size and design are big.

It is also concluded that the battery timing of mini 3 can be increased by using the intelligent-plus battery for up to 46 minutes which is a huge number for a small drone. The power output is also quite different in both of them.

Power Output

The mini 3 drone battery has a 5000 MAH battery capacity, and its size ensures that the battery power won’t last in a scene shoot. If we talk about more differences, then the charging port’s whole shape is also different.

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As I told you in my previous article, you cannot use the mobile battery in your drone. I also told you that there is a very difference between the battery output and the drone wiring for a specific battery.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

The mini 3 battery’s size is bigger enough that it won’t set in the mini 2 but if you do something and it gets fit in the mini 2, let me tell you that something terrible can happen to you.

Buying another battery is quite tough, but if, by accident, the whole circuit of your drone gets blasted because of the wrong output, then more money will be wasted.

Why are DJI mini 2 and 3 Batteries Different in Shape and Work?

Because the DJI mini 2 is the older version and the mini 3 is the newer version.

Also, as you know, the mini 3 is different in shape than the mini 2, so their batteries will also be different in shape and work. The battery of the DJI mini 2 is slim and small, and for that reason, it also does less hovering(work).

The battery of the mini 3 is bigger and also is different in shape, so as well it is different in hovering.

Because of the shapes of both drone batteries, the work is different. More aspects and features are included in mini 3. These features are not in the mini 2.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

The camera quality of the mini 2 is more realistic and is better in camera quality.

Also, there is one big con in the mini 2: it is more related to the toy drone and is different from the choice of the professionals. Because of its battery, it is used sparingly as the mini 3.

The mini 3 drone is bigger, and the battery provides more output than the other one. The mini 3 drone has more hovering time than the other one.

So imagine if you put the more output giving battery in the less power user battery, it can explode.

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If you put the mini 2’s battery in the mini 3 after flying for some minutes each, everything in the drone will be crashed and can get burnt.

On the other hand, if you insert the mini 2’s battery in the mini 3, it won’t even liftoff. Because as you know, the mini 3 needs more power than the mini 2.

If we talk about the Air series of the DJI company, you can use the battery in the Mavic Air and Mavic Air 2S.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

That’s because that series doesn’t have completely new drones. There is just the tech advancement in the drones, which is why the battery of the Mavic Air can be inserted in the Mavic air 2S.

The drones with the same series, like Phantom 4, can use the batteries of each other. Just like the battery of the Phantom 4 can be inserted in the Phantom 4 Pro and the RTK also.

Are all the DJI mini Batteries the Same?

No, there is a huge difference between them, and all the DJI mini batteries cannot be the same because there is a difference between the hovering and the power output of each mini drone as I have described earlier that all, there is a very good advancement in all the drones of the mini-series.

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As the number goes on, the shape of the drone changes. If the drone’s shape changes, then the drone battery’s shape, design, and weight will also change.

The battery of the mini 3 and mini 2 are not interchangeable with each other. The new drone mini 4 will also have another shape of the outer body and the battery because a new technology comes into people’s hands daily.

The next upcoming versions of the mini-series can also be so much different.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

So it is concluded that all DJI mini drone batteries are different. There is very much difference between them.

Reconsider saving money on new mini drone battery. Buy one without hesitation. Because using the battery of another drone might not be worth it.

Is it Worth Upgrading DJI Mini 2 to Mini 3?

Yes, it is worth upgrading your DJI mini 2 to mini 3 because there are many more advanced features in it that the mini 2 lack. It is also a wonder that a small drone can have an HD-resolution camera and many more amazing features.

If you do aerial photography, the mini 2 is also great, but the mini 3 is greater than that.

If you buy it and also buy the intelligent plus drone battery, then the mini three becomes the drone of the professionals.

The mini 3 is more powerful than the other one. Its slim and compact body helps it to be stable in the windy area and gives you the best performance.

The camera of the mini 3 has a 4k resolution, and you can also make amazing images and videos with this much resolution.

If you do real estate business or are using this drone in any industry, then let me tell you that this drone will never disappoint you according to the battery timing.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

Because the battery can get increased to more than 40 minutes which is very good timing for a small drone.

Another amazing feature is included in it, which is the obstacle-sensing system. This system helps the drone be safe from the obstacles that can come in the way of the drone.

This feature makes this drone more professional because this kind of feature is only available in big-sized drones like FPV drones.

I know that the mini 2 drone is also foldable, but this kind of feature is amazing in this series because this feature is not available even in the Phantom series.

To take drone anywhere, simply fold and pack in bag. Ready to go anywhere. The foldable and compact body of this drone is another factor that increases its portability of this drone.

Does mini 2 Battery Work on mini 3?

In the event that the battery of mini 3 fails to function in mini 2, it is similarly impracticable for the battery of mini 2 to operate in mini 3. There exists a sound scientific reasoning behind this phenomenon.

The mini 2 has less ability to provide power to the drone’s rotors, which is the main reason why the mini 2 drone battery would not work in the mini 3.

The mini 3 drones have more capacity and power in front of mini 2, which is the reason for these two drones.

If you put the mini 2 drone battery in the mini 3, it will not fly. It doesn’t mean the drone will fly if it gives a little bit of rotation to the propellers.

are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

So before inserting any drone battery in your drone, please think again. A specific thing is made for specific purposes. Attempting to make adjustments will result in significant complications for you.

Important FAQs

Are DJI mini 3 batteries interchangeable?

The DJI mini 3 batteries are not interchangeable with any other drone. If you try to change it, anything bad can happen to your drone.

What battery does the DJI mini 3 use?

The DJI mini 3 uses the Lipo 2s battery, and there are some options: the standard battery and the intelligent battery plus.

How long does the DJI mini 3 battery last?

If we talk about the battery with the maximum battery last, then it is more than 40 minutes. But with the standard battery, this number can decrease.

Can you fly a DJI mini 2 without registering it?

Yes, you can use the DJI mini 2 without registering it because there is a reason for this. This drone is smaller, and its weight is less than 250g. Any drone that has less weight than 250g is permitted to use or fly without registering.

What is the DJI mini 2 battery compatibility?

The DJI mini-2 battery can be used in the Mavic mini; there is no other drone in which it can be used. But this is not good; it will also give less power.

Is DJI mini SE battery the same as the mini 2?

Yes, they are the same batteries because both drones provide the same design and use the same kind of battery, which is LIPO.
are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same

Final Thoughts

As you can see, today’s topic has been concluded. The question is, “Are dji mini 2 and mini 3 batteries the same”.

Allow me to inform you that they possess dissimilarities. They have different purposes, and if you interchange the batteries with each other, your drone could get burnt or not be able to fly again because its circuit can get fried.

Buying a drone in this era is not easy for some people, and if you also have a money problem, then in my advice, you should do everything right with your expensive drone.

If you are thinking about increasing the battery timing of your drone, then putting the wrong accessories in your drone cannot increase the battery.

Have some patience, upgrade your drone, and use only the accessories that come with your drone. In this way, your drone will be safe, and you will also keep your money not get wasted.

If you have gained knowledge today, your feedback is essential in indicating the helpfulness of this article. Kindly leave a comment below and share your plans for your drone.

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