Are Drones Allowed in Belize? (Drone Laws in Belize 2024)

Can you bring a drone to Belize

Belize is a small beautiful country. It is a tropical country with many unique places for visitors that mostly attract them. There are many cultures in this country, and there is excellent greenery in it, just like heaven on earth.

There are many beaches in this country which make it a fantastic place to visit and increase its beauty. You can go swimming and diving and also can rest in the sunlight. This place is full of peace. You should see it if you want to rest from your work or job.

But as there is much beauty in this country, how would you capture it and make some memories of it? It leads us to our question are drones allowed in belize?

The Belize government doesn’t allow you to bring drones with you. It is temporarily not allowed, but if you have the letter and a permit from the Belize Department of civil aviation(BDCA) or are a commercial drone user and get commissioned by a local business, you can fly your drone. 

More problems will be discussed here. So stick with this article and know, are drones allowed in belize? How will you get permission from BDCA(Department of Civil Aviation Belize)?

A very good location for people

Does Belize Allow Tourists to Bring the Drones?

Belize is also one of the places that can provide you with comfort and enjoyment. But we also want to capture that place with our camera lenses, and whenever we feel sad, we can see those images of that place.

Many beaches in this Caribbean country are memorable, but with drone pictures and videos, it is possible to make some good memories of this place. A drone shot from the sea to a beach looks impressive and charming.

Can we bring a drone to Belize?

But the Belize government does not allow you to make awesome videos of those beaches and islands. It makes you sad, but you can photograph or videography with your digital camera.

When you are a visitor to Belize country, you will make recreational videos which this country’s government doesn’t like very much. Creating videos or images or even flying a drone in this country for recreational purposes is highly forbidden.

So, unfortunately, you can’t bring your drone to Belize as a visitor because the government hasn’t allowed visitors to shoot videos with the drone.

Belize Drone Confiscated

If you try to become over-smart and take your drone in your luggage to this country, you will surely get your drone confiscated.

Because when your luggage is in customs, they will check the bags and take your drone, which will be very bad for you.

Before trying to pack your drone in your luggage bag, think about the confiscation. You can visit and enjoy the country, but you can’t bring your drone.

The drone will be returned to you when you leave the country, but you will need so much luck.

So it is not a good idea to become over wise going to trip in this country with a drone.

are drones allowed in belize
People in the street of Belize

One more scenario might happen to you. You have passed your luggage from customs, the drone is also in your bag, and nobody has seen it.

But when you fly your drone on any island, you will put yourself in more trouble because this time, if your drone gets confiscated, you will also have to pay the fine.

To avoid losing your drone to the police, you need to be patient. Belize’s government has been making some rules for using drones in their country, just like the FAA has made some rules in the USA.

After the rules are made, you can bring your drone to this country and make as many videos as possible. So if you are thinking about the drone footage of this country’s islands, you should stop thinking because it will not happen with your drone.

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Are Drones Allowed in Belize as a Commercial User?

As you know, drones are flying vehicles. They aren’t some tiny gadgets to play or have fun with them and use on anyone’s property.

The problem is the Belize government hasn’t made any rules for this gadget, and if they allow people to fly the drone, then anything wrong can happen in this country.

You can still fly your drone in this country. There are some ways to fly your drone here. To fly your drone, you must get a license and use it. But in this country, this will not allow you to fly a drone.

You will have to get the license first, and then you should belong to a Belize business requiring drone footage. Your only purpose should be commercial, and there should be no chances for you to fly your drone for recreational purposes.

are drones allowed in belize
A beach in Belize

There are many things ahead, so be prepared. If you have a drone flying license and are also concerned with a business organization in Belize, you can fly your drone.

Still, there are also some necessary conditions for you that you will have to follow as a commercial drone user.

Here are key terms and conditions to follow.

What are the Conditions to Fly a Drone in Belize Commercially?

  • It would help if you worked for a business company approved in Belize and commissioned by it.
  • You will have to visit some of Belize’s business companies and get approved by one of them.
  • You will also get yourself approved by the Belive Film Commission department.
  • After then, you are still not allowed to bring the drone into the country until you get approval from BDCA.
are drones allowed in belize
A hut in the sea at the beach

If you get the approval, you must visit the AIC(Aeronautical Information Service) office and pay them some dollars. The payment will be between 30-50 dollars. (Make sure you bring your drone along with you)

This office will give you a receipt of the permit. Take this receipt and go to the BDCA office. This office will provide you with the permit letter, and now you can fly your drone.

These documents should always be in your pocket or drone bag when you are flying them because some officers may recheck you for authorization.

So now let me tell you what documents are required to get this approval and letter from the BDCA.

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What Documents are Required to Get Approval From BDCA?

First, you must send a letter to the BDCA for approval. This letter is the backbone for you to get permission from this department. In this letter, you will need all the information about the business you work for or earn a commission.

What kind of business is it, what can it do, and what is your purpose in making videos with the drone for that business? You need to give all the details about it and the contact information of that business so that the BDCA can confirm that you work for them.

The second most important thing you will add in the letter is the date you came to Belize.

After that, also write down all the locations where you will make videos with your drone.

The letterbox should also have your ID card’s photocopy. Passport accepted if no ID card.

are drones allowed in belize
Belize country on the world map
  • Get yourself approved by the Belize film commission. They will also send you a letter which should be in this letter.
  • The last thing will be the Belize drone application form. Please fill it out and add a copy to the letter. Download it here.

What Rules Needed to be Followed for Flying a Drone in Belize?

All these terms and conditions are not only for you. All the other local people who live there get permission like this. So don’t get nervous or disturbed by all of this mess.

Keep yourself calm. Netflix and many other big film industries have obtained the approvals like this. Check here about them.

So here are some of the fundamental rules for locals and foreigners specially made for commercial drone users.

If you don’t have the authorization of the BDCA director, then you can’t fly your drone in this country. You cannot take your drone far away than 3 miles from the controller.

These rules are not only for foreigners, but the local nations also follow them.

Show the commercial intent and don’t do anything else. Then after you get the approval, you can use those videos and images wherever you want.

are drones allowed in belize
Can we bring a drone to Belize?

Are There Any Chances Belize will Allow you to Fly Drones?

Belize is smaller than the USA or UK. They have small islands, and also they are less in population. Because of its small government, they have yet to make any rules for visitors to use drones for recreational purposes.

Soon, drones will boom worldwide. People will travel through the drones and get food deliveries through the drone.

So it is evident that Belize will allow everybody to fly drones. But it has yet to be possible. Rules will be established soon.

So wait till that time, and you will get your drone approval fast next time. As Belize will allow drones to fly for recreational purposes, I will let you know.

are drones allowed in belize
Can we bring a drone to Belize?

Important FAQs

How do I get a drone in Belize?

Getting a drone in Belize generally involves applying for and receiving approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)/ General Aviation Belize before importation.

Can I fly a drone in san Pedro Belize?

In general, no. There are specific regulations that drones must adhere to fly in any given country or airspace. In San Pedro, Belize, drones cannot fly without obtaining prior authorization from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Do you need a permit to fly a drone?

Drone rules differ by state, but permits are usually needed. Civil Aviation Drone License is a must for a person to fly a drone.

Are drones illegal in Belize?

Drone laws in Belize are new and untested. Permission from the CAA is required to fly drones.

Why doesn’t Belize allow flying drones?

It is likely due to safety and security concerns. Drones can be intrusive and pose a risk to people and property if they malfunction or are used unauthorizedly.

Final Thoughts

So for the final answer to your question, NO, you cannot bring your drone to Belize for recreational purposes. Still, you can bring your drone to Belize for commercial use after getting approval from BDCA(Belize Department of Civil Aviation).

After reading this article, I hope your doubts are clear.

I will answer them as early as possible. There are still some countries that don’t like for people to fly a drone.

There is only one big reason behind this problem, which is people’s privacy, as drones are a new technology for this kind of country, so they are also afraid of it.

But as this technology has improved, it will be no threat to anyone and will not be a problem for someone’s privacy.

So what do you say about it? Tell me in the comments. Have you ever visited Belize country before? 

Some people on Reddit said that you could take your drone with you in Belize, BUT all of them have told me that you will need so much luggage to hide your drone in it:)

What way would you like to choose, the risky one or the Real one? The choice is Yours.

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