Can I Bring a Drone to India?

Can I bring a drone to India

India, the land of diversity, boasts an unparalleled beauty that captures the heart of every traveler. From the majestic Himalayas to the stunning beaches of Goa, India offers a visual treat that is second to none.

The vibrant colors, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality make India an enchanting destination. There is a beautiful opportunity for you to capture the beauty of India with your drone.

Can I bring a drone to India?

Yes, you can bring a drone to India but with some restrictions. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, all drones must be registered and have a unique identification number. Flying drones in no-fly zones and near airports is strictly prohibited.

Make sure to follow the guidelines to enjoy drone photography in India.

In this article, I will also solve all the puzzles regarding flying drones in India. India is a developing country with many rules and regulations; some rules control drone pilots. I will share with you all of the laws and policies of the Indian Government. Keep reading.

Are foreigners allowed to fly their drones in India?

If you are visiting India from the USA, there is a section below this article. Let me clarify if you visit India from elsewhere: you cannot fly your commercial drone here. If you are a traveler visiting India just for enjoyment and want to fly a drone, then you are allowed to fly your drone.

The Government has settled an excellent rule regarding foreign drone operators. You are not allowed to fly your commercial drone; however, if you are just a visitor, you can. To fly your commercial drone, you must get permission from DGCA.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
A historical place in India

There is another requirement, and that is you need to collab with an Indian native drone pilot who has the Unique Identification Number(UIN) and a special permit.

If you want to fly your drone legally in India, you must get permission from all the authorities that control the rules.

You should also get approval from the local authorities for specific places and regions. But you go to India and find a good drone pilot with all the clearances like the UIN and UAOP(Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit).

In that case, you are so lucky and can fly your drone wherever you want with the consultation of an Indian native drone pilot.

Some same rules in India apply in the USA like you are not allowed to fly your drone far from your visual line of sight. It is the basic rule, and it is not only applied in India but in the rest of the countries as well.

As usual, if you dare to fly your drone in India without any permission or to contact any native drone pilot, then you can be in jail in no time, and you will have to pay fines and so many other penalties.

So if you are considering flying your drone in India, you must contact the DGCA and the civil aviation ministry first.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
A traditional Indian dance

Indian people are so loving and caring, but you must be careful because they also love and protect their privacy.

So if you want to keep your drone safe from the Indian people and the authorities, you will need to collab with a pro-native Indian drone pilot and get all the clearance from the authorities.

What are the rules for flying a drone in India?

Flying a drone can be a thrilling experience, but it’s essential to follow the rules set by the Indian Government. There are some specific drone rules in India that you need to follow to fly the drone with problems. The specific ones are below:

Register Your Drone: All drones in India, regardless of size or weight, must be registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) online portal called the Digital Sky.

Once registered, you’ll receive a Unique Identification Number (UIN), which should be displayed on the drone.

Obtain Permission: Before flying your drone, you must obtain permission from the local police station, the DGCA, and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Permission is granted based on the intended location of the flight and the purpose of the flight. Drones cannot fly within 5 kilometers of an airport or a military establishment.

Fly in Designated Areas: As a drone operator, you must ensure that you fly your drone in designated areas only.

The Government has approved certain areas for flying drones, and you must ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by the DGCA. Also, ensure you do not fly the drone beyond your sight.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
A marketplace in Hyderabad, India

Follow Safety Guidelines: Flying a drone can be risky, and it’s essential to follow safety guidelines. Ensure the drone is in good condition and the batteries are adequately charged. Also, avoid flying the drone over people, buildings, and crowded areas.

Respect Privacy: As a drone operator, you must respect the privacy of others. Avoid flying the drone near private properties, and if you notice someone objecting to your flying, stop immediately.

Obey the Law: As a responsible drone operator, you must always obey the law. Violating any of the rules could result in fines or even imprisonment.

Maintain Altitude and Distance: As a drone operator, you must maintain a safe altitude and distance while flying your drone. The drone must not exceed 400 feet or fly beyond 500 meters.

Stay Clear of Sensitive Areas: Drones cannot fly over sensitive areas, such as government buildings, power plants, and historical monuments. It’s essential to avoid flying your drone over such areas to prevent any security breaches.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Amber Fort and Palace in India

Respect Wildlife and Environment: Drones can cause disturbance to wildlife and the environment. Ensure you do not fly your drone in national parks, sanctuaries, or protected areas. Always respect nature and avoid causing any harm to the environment.

Fly During Daytime: It’s recommended to fly drones when visibility is high. Avoid flying drones during the night or in low light conditions, as it can be challenging to navigate and control the drone, leading to accidents.

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Remember, flying a drone comes with responsibility, and following the rules set by the Indian Government ensures safety and security. Enjoy your drone flying experience while considering the safety of others and the environment.

What are the drone flying rules in India for commercial and recreational pilots?

Almost everywhere in this world, there are two types of drone pilots one is commercial drone pilots, and the other one is recreational drone pilots.

The commercial drone pilot makes videos with his drone and sells them videos; on the other hand, the recreational drone pilot does not sell videos and make their videos for themselves or to make memories.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Khajuraho temple, Madhya Pradesh, India

So now that you have gotten an understanding what are the recreational and commercial drone pilots now, let’s come to the point and talk about the drone laws that these two types of drone pilots need to follow.

Indian Drone Rules for Recreational Pilots:

In India, the drone rules were made in 2016, which are still relevant and up to date, and all the drone pilots follow them whether they are natives or foreigners.

If your drone weighs more than 250g, you are a recreational drone pilot, and you must get the Unique Identification Number from the DGCA.

  • If your drone doesn’t weigh this much and is more than that, you are a commercial drone pilot. It is another factor that the Government of India considers knowing about drone pilots. Before flying your drone anywhere in India, you need to ask a professional drone pilot for the drone rules and the approval of the local authorities.
  • The best local authority in India is the Police Station. Wherever you fly your drone in India, you must go to the police station and get the NOC(No Objection Certificate). If you have reached the UIN, you are good to go, but the thing almost done everywhere is displaying the UIN number on the drone.
Can I Bring a Drone to India?
A beautiful place in India
  • In India, you must display the UIN number on every side of your drone. There are so many other drone rules for recreational drone pilots, including:
  • Register your drone with the Ministry of Civil Aviation before taking it out for a spin. It ensures that your drone is traceable in any accidents or incidents.
  • Do not fly your drone 400 feet above ground level (AGL). This rule ensures that your drone does not interfere with any human-crewed aircraft and maintains a safe distance from them.
  • Stay away from airports, helipads, and other restricted areas where flying drones is prohibited. To ensure public safety, avoid flying your drone in crowded places such as stadiums, public gatherings, or busy markets.
  • Keep your drone in your line of sight at all times. It means you must be able to see your drone without binoculars or other equipment.
Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Taj Mahal in India
  • Always fly your drone during the daytime, i.e., between sunrise and sunset. Flying your drone during the night is prohibited unless you have prior permission from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  • Please respect the privacy of others and do not take photographs or record videos of people without their permission. Always follow the laws related to photography and videography while flying your drone.
  • Do not fly your drone over government buildings, military installations, or other sensitive areas. It can attract unwanted attention and result in legal action.
  • Do not carry any hazardous materials or payloads while flying your drone. It can pose a risk to people and property on the ground.
  • Keep your drone well-maintained and ensure it is in good working condition before every flight. It can prevent any malfunctions that may result in accidents.
Can I Bring a Drone to India?
The India Gate at night
  • Do not fly your drone in adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, or thunderstorms. It can cause your drone to lose control and result in accidents.
  • Avoid flying your drone near wildlife, as it can cause unnecessary stress and harm to animals. Respect nature and fly your drone in designated areas only.
  • Always carry your drone registration certificate and identity proof while flying your drone. It ensures that you can provide the necessary documents if asked by authorities.

Lastly, be considerate of others and follow the rules and regulations related to drone flying in India. It ensures a safe and enjoyable flying experience for all drone pilots.

Drone Rules for Commercial Pilots:

The drone rules for commercial pilots are down below:

  • Before operating a drone, all commercial drone pilots must obtain a Remote Pilot License (RPL) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
  • To obtain an RPL, pilots must be at least 18 years old, have completed 10+2 with science subjects or hold a diploma in any engineering field, and have completed a training course from a DGCA-approved Flying Training Organisation (FTO).
Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Gateway of India, Mumbai
  • Pilots must also pass a written examination and flying skills test to obtain their RPL.
  • Commercial drone pilots must follow all relevant DGCA regulations for drone operations, including those related to maximum altitude, flight time, and area of operation.
  • Pilots must maintain a visual line of sight with their drones during operation, except in certain circumstances approved by the DGCA.
  • Commercial drone pilots must obtain approvals and permits from the DGCA and other relevant authorities for each flight, including flight plans, route maps, and risk assessments.
  • Pilots must also maintain detailed records of their flights, including flight logs and maintenance records for their drones.
  • Commercial drone pilots must obtain appropriate insurance coverage for their drone and their operations.
  • Pilots must also follow all relevant privacy and data protection laws and obtain necessary permissions from individuals before capturing their images or data using their drones.

It’s worth noting that these regulations are subject to change, and pilots should always check the latest rules before conducting any drone operations in India.

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What are the Indian drone flying rules for the Indians?

There are Almost all drone rules for foreigners and Indian natives the same, but there are some specific ones that you will need to follow if you are a native of India.

The Indian Government is stringent regarding the laws, so you should know all the rules. If you break them, more penalties will be on you than the foreigners.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

The specific drone rules are down below:

  • Register your drone with the Government and obtain the necessary permits before flying.
  • Fly only in designated areas and maintain a safe distance from people and property.
  • Do not fly at night or in restricted airspace.
  • Respect privacy and do not capture images or videos without consent.
  • Always keep your drone in sight and avoid interfering with other aircraft.

Follow safety guidelines and regulations to ensure a hassle-free flight.

What is India’s No Permission, No take off Policy?

If you are a drone pilot in India, knowing about the No Permission, No Takeoff (NPNT) policy is essential. The Government of India introduced this Policy in 2018 to ensure the safe and secure operation of drones in the country.

Under this Policy, all drone pilots must obtain a unique identification number (UIN) and an operator permit (OP) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) before flying their drone.

The NPNT policy requires all drone pilots to obtain clearance from the DGCA’s Digital Sky platform before taking off.

This platform provides real-time information about airspace, weather conditions, and other relevant factors affecting drone operations. 

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
A beautiful water body in India

Platform also enables the DGCA to track the movement of drones in real-time and take appropriate action in case of any violation of rules or regulations.

The NPNT policy is crucial to ensuring the safe and secure use of drones in India. By requiring all drone pilots to obtain necessary clearances before flying, the Policy helps to prevent accidents and incidents that may cause harm to people or property.

As a drone pilot, following the NPNT policy and obtaining all necessary permits and clearances before taking off is essential. It will help you avoid penalties and legal issues and contribute to the safe and responsible use of drones in India.

Is DJI Mini 2 legal in India?

DJI Mini 2 is a drone that falls under small drones weighing less than 250 grams. The drone is legal in India for personal and commercial use per the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) regulations.

As long as the drone weighs less than 250 grams and has no attached payload, it does not require any registration or permission to fly.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Rishikesh in India

However, if the DJI Mini 2 weighs more than 250 grams or has any attached payload, such as a camera, it falls under the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) category. It needs to be registered with the DGCA.

In addition, the operator needs to obtain an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP) from the DGCA before operating the drone.

The operator also needs to follow the guidelines provided by the DGCA, such as maintaining a safe distance from buildings, people, and other aircraft.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that there are certain no-fly zones in India, such as around airports, military installations, and government buildings. DJI Mini 2 cannot be operated in these areas without prior permission from the concerned authorities.

The operator is responsible for ensuring that the drone is flown within the legal limits and guidelines provided by the DGCA. Following these regulations, the DJI Mini 2 can legally operate in India.

Can I bring a drone to India from the USA?

Yes, you can bring a drone to India from the USA, but you need to follow the guidelines set by the Indian Government. Register your drone with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) before importing it to India.

This can be done through the Digital Sky platform, which requires you to provide details such as the drone’s make, model, weight, and purpose.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the drone complies with the technical specifications set by the DGCA. For instance, the drone should not weigh more than 2kgs and should not fly higher than 400 feet.

Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Statue of Liberty and Red Fort, Dehli, India

Additionally, the drone should have certain safety features such as GPS, return-to-home function, and anti-collision lights.

Finally, you must declare the drone at customs when you enter India. You may be asked to pay customs duty, depending on the value of the drone.

To avoid complications, it is advisable to carry all the necessary documents related to the drone, such as the registration certificate, invoice, and user manual.

Overall, bringing a drone to India from the USA is possible, provided you adhere to the guidelines and regulations set by the Indian Government.

Important FAQs

Is it legal to bring a drone to India?

Bringing a drone to India is legal but must comply with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) guidelines.

What are the guidelines for bringing a drone to India?

The drone must have a Unique Identification Number (UIN) issued by the DGCA, a valid remote pilot license, and an import license from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Are there any restrictions on flying a drone in India?

Yes, there are restrictions on flying a drone in India, including no-fly zones such as airports, defense installations, and certain government buildings.

Do I need to register my drone in India?

Register your drone with the DGCA and obtain a UIN before flying it in India.

What are the penalties for violating drone regulations in India?

Violating drone regulations in India can result in penalties such as fines, imprisonment, and drone seizure. It is essential to follow all guidelines and rules to avoid legal trouble.
Can I Bring a Drone to India?
Tsangmo Lake in Sikkim, India

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, bringing a drone to India is possible but requires research and preparation beforehand.

The Indian Government has established rules and regulations to ensure the safety and security of its citizens, and drone operators are expected to comply with them.

Before bringing your drone to India, check the latest regulations and obtain the necessary permits and clearances.

Be aware of the restricted areas and flying zones, and avoid flying your drone near airports, military installations, or other sensitive locations.

By following the rules and guidelines, you can enjoy the beauty and diversity of India from a unique perspective and capture stunning aerial footage.

So, if you plan to bring your drone to India, do your homework, stay informed, and fly responsibly.

If you have any further questions related to the question: Can I bring a drone to India? Then I am waiting for your questions in the comment box.

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