Drone Laws in Nicaragua | Are Drones Banned in Nicaragua 2024?

Drone Laws in Nicaragua

So you have finally considered visiting Nicaragua and wondering whether you can take your drone. Well, first, let me tell you a bit about Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is situated in the center of the United States of America, with natural beauty, rich culture, and history.

So can you bring your drone to Nicaragua, and what are the drone laws in Nicaragua?

According to the INAC, flying drones in Nicaragua is illegal. If you bring your drone to Nicaragua, it will be confiscated at customs. The government of Nicaragua prefers safety and security.

This article explores drone laws in Nicaragua and the government’s prohibition on drone flights. If you are also thinking about this, keep reading the article because there is much to understand.

Who controls drone laws in Nicaragua?

The Civil Aviation Authority (Instituto Nicaragüense de Aeronáutica Civil, INAC) controls all drone laws in Nicaragua. It is the authority that regulates the rules and also enforces them in the country. 

If you get the approval to fly a drone in Nicaragua, you must follow all drone rules set by the INAC. These regulations cover various topics, including drone registration, permitted flying areas, maximum altitude and flight time, and safety guidelines.

The country has yet to release its drone laws officially, so you will have to keep checking the website of INAC and get updated all the time. Because at any time, the rules can get changed.

To contact INAC, you can use their official website, or you can use this mail and contact number: ivulgacion@inac.gob.ni / +505 2276 8580

Can you bring a drone to Nicaragua?

Bringing a drone to Nicaragua is completely banned, and nobody is allowed to bring and fly his drone in the country. Whether you are a tourist in Nicaragua, you are still not allowed to fly your drone there.

It will be confiscated if you try to bring your small or big drone and somehow try to enter the country with the drone. Please do not bring your drone to Nicaragua and visit the country without the drone.

In google, some websites suggest that you can bring your drone as a commercial drone pilot, but let me clarify the INAC has restricted the entire airspace, and you are not allowed to fly your drone.

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Photo of the mountain during dawn

On the other hand, if you get the drone permit from the INAC, there will be again a big hurdle for you: the drone laws in Nicaragua. The most important rule is to keep your drone below 100 feet altitude and only 30 meters from the operator.

I recommend it is not worth confiscating your drone or you get troubled by the legal governmental consequences while flying a drone in Nicaragua. Please do not bring your drone to Nicaragua.

If there is so much important for you to film in the country, you can use your mobile phone but not the drone. I have also heard that the parrots of Nicaragua are very friendly, so you should make videos of them with your mobile phone.

Can you take your drone to Nicaragua by plane?

You can only take your drone to Nicaragua by plane if you have approval from the authority of Nicaragua called INAC or the government of Nicaragua. According to official sources, you cannot enter Nicaragua with your drone.

And as you enter the country, your drone will be confiscated by customs. If your travel plans include Nicaragua, I highly recommend leaving your drone at your home.

Whether you go to Nicaragua by airline or drive, you cannot bring your drone to Nicaragua.

Even you might have seen some people saying they put their drone in their luggage or hid it somewhere the government agents or customs officers couldn’t find. When you will fly your drone in Nicaragua, everybody will see it.

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San Juan, Del Sur, Nicaragua

It’s not worth the hassle and potential legal trouble to try and sneak a drone into Nicaragua. Additionally, the Nicaraguan Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) prohibits the operation of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the Nicaraguan national airspace.

Therefore, bringing a drone to Nicaragua is illegal and potentially dangerous.

Why are drones not allowed to fly in Nicaragua?

According to the INAC, drones are banned in Nicaragua, and you cannot fly them in Nicaraguan airspace. You are very interested in flying drones in Nicaragua and are now heartbroken.

Before breaking the heart, let me tell you some of the reasons why the government of Nicaragua has banned drones. The primary reason for prohibiting drones in Nicaragua is the security and safety of Nicaragua.

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As you know, aircraft fly in almost every airspace, and I haven’t seen airspace without a plane. So that’s the first and most critical reason the government has banned drones.

Drones can fly very fast and at almost the same height as other aircraft, so it is possible that they can collide with other aircraft, which is very dangerous, and you will be responsible for that.

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Granada city in Nicaragua

Secondly, drones can pose a security risk, as they can be used for surveillance and intelligence gathering. In addition, there is a risk of drones being used for illegal activities, such as smuggling or drug trafficking.

In summary, the drone ban in Nicaragua is primarily for safety and security reasons, aimed at protecting the public and ensuring the integrity of the national airspace.

What are some basic rules for flying a drone in Nicaragua?

If by any chance you get the drone permit to fly a drone in Nicaragua, then there are possibly some of the rules I have found. And the other hand, as drones are not allowed in Nicaragua, drone rules are also very strict but less.

  • If you want to fly your drone in Nicaragua with the permit of INAC, you can only fly it within 100 feet of the ground.
  • You are only allowed to fly your drone 30 meters away from you.
  • There are airports, so you cannot fly your drone near them.
  • You are not allowed to fly your drone near governmental buildings.
  • You are not allowed to fly your drone near the military installments.

If you want to know more about the drone laws in Nicaragua, you can contact the Nicaragua INAC authority by visiting their site.

Can you take the drone batteries with you on a plane?

You’re wondering if you can bring your drone batteries on a plane. Well, the short answer is yes, you can take them with you, but there are some things you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you must ensure the batteries are packed properly. You don’t want to risk any damage or leakage during the flight, so it’s important to follow the guidelines set by the airline.

Most airlines require that you pack your batteries in your carry-on luggage rather than checked luggage, and they may also require that you cover the battery terminals with tape to prevent any accidental short circuits.

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Leon Nicaragua

It’s also important to check with your airline about any specific regulations they may have regarding battery capacity.

Lithium-ion batteries (commonly used in drones) are limited in capacity due to safety concerns, so you’ll want to ensure your batteries are within the allowed limits.

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Finally, be prepared for some extra scrutiny at security checkpoints. Drones and their batteries can sometimes look suspicious, so you may be asked to remove them from your bag for inspection.

Just be patient and cooperate with the security officers to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Can you take any drone accessories with you to Nicaragua by plane?

You should first check the drone laws of your airline agency and then contact the Nicaragua civil aviation authority and get their approval. If you do not get the license, then bringing your drone and your drone’s accessories is not allowed and is illegal.

If you get permission, you can bring your drone and accessories to Nicaragua without worries. But make sure that you bring your luggage with care. Regarding drone batteries, you cannot pack them in your checked baggage.

It would help if you packed them in your fireproof handbag. So the other accessories like props, drone body, props guards, etc., can be kept in the luggage bags.

So Yes, you can bring your drone accessories with you if you get approval first from the government of Nicaragua.

Drone laws in Nicaragua
Nicaragua travel destination

Important FAQs

Why are drones banned in Nicaragua?

Because the government of Nicaragua does not want anybody to get hurt or disturbed by the drones; as you know, drones can be so noisy, and they can also be a threat to the aircraft when flown at a higher altitude.

Do you need a drone permit in Nicaragua?

Yes, you do if you get permission from the INAC. If you somehow managed and got the approval from the INAC, you can bring and fly your drone in Nicaragua, and you need a drone permit.

What is INAC in Nicaragua?

INAC stand for Nicaraguan Civil Aeronautics Institute. It is the authority that manages all of the civil aviation rules. It also includes the drone rules.

Final Thoughts

Nicaragua is a very amazing country with so much to discover. If you have not found Nicaragua, you miss a great opportunity to have fun and experience.

But flying drones in Nicaragua is not allowed, and you should keep your drone away from Nicaragua.

If you have any other queries, like you want to tell me about drone laws in Nicaragua, you can say to me in the comment box or use the contact us page or my mail: feedback@skbestgadgets.com.

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