Can You Fly a Drone in Central Park? (Drone Laws in Central Park 2024)

Can you fly a drone in central park

There are many beautiful parks, one of which is central park of New york city. This park is an excellent place for people to rest and enjoy nature for some time.

It is also researched that millions of people visit this park every year. People visit this park with their beloved ones and have fun there.

Over time, this park has become a good memory for the American people and the people of the whole world. Many people outside America have stated that this is the most fantastic park in the new city and one of the best in the world.

People visit this park and make memories there, but today’s question is, can you fly a drone in Central park? We will discuss this problem today, and you will get your thorough answer here.

Can you fly a drone in central park?

Drones aren’t allowed in the city, so how can they be in central park? Drones in central park in new york city are forbidden, and if somebody tries to fly a drone in it, he will get arrested on the spot. 

It is also allowed that if someone sees the drone in it, he is allowed to call the cops immediately. In this article, we will discuss some more questions in your mind, and a difficult question will be answered here: what will happen if you are caught flying a drone in central park?

So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of tea or coffee and start reading this article.

A beautiful place with blue clear sky and different colored trees and a waterbody
Central Park, New York

Can you Fly a Drone in Central Park?

Flying drones in new york central park are forbidden; nobody can fly a drone there. If you fly the drone, you will get captured and be in jail in no time.

The problem is that because of some wars in which drones are used, people here get scared.

That’s why drones in central park are now forbidden because there are hundreds and thousands of people during the day and at night.

So to keep these people safe, flying drones is not allowed. Flying drones in new york city are banned, as also the parks and public areas.

Although there is one condition where you can only land your drone in the central park while flying if your drone gets an error or gets disconnected from the controller, in this case, you can land your drone in the park.

If there is an emergency, like you have to save someone’s life, then you can also take off from the garden.

If you are a recreational or commercial drone pilot, you aren’t allowed to fly your drone here. So flying a drone is illegal in new york city.

A beautiful place with trees between the buildings
Can you fly a drone in central park?

Where can People Fly Drones Legally in New York?

There is no such place where you can fly your drone legally in new york city without any laws. It is also stated to the people of new york that if they see any drone that can fly, call 911 immediately.

People think that if flying drones in central park are not allowed, outside of it will be allowed. But it is not correct.

A whole pack of rules outside central park for flying drones states that you are not allowed to fly your drone outside the park.

You can’t fly a drone anywhere in New York City. Of all of the states of the united states of America, new york city is the most populated.

Here more people live than in the other states. That is why people here don’t like drones to spy on or make videos or photos of them.

According to the city laws

According to the city in this park, more people come here than to the city. Here are many unique barriers that stop you from flying the drone.

As here many people visit and many trees and obstacles are so the government doesn’t want to scare a person because of the drone and doesn’t want to get the fantastic monument damaged because of the malfunctioning drone.

In this park, people come for peace from the traffic noise or the jobs.

A word written LEGAL and trees in green color and the buildings
The inner side of the park

As you know, drones make so much noise it is evident that people in the park will get annoyed and irritated.

So all the problem is people keep your drone out of sight of the people. But there are some places where you can fly your drone in new york city legally.

You can fly your drone at tanner park, Senator Speno national park, LaTourette Park model Airfield, New Rochelle, Calvert Vaux Park, Corona Park Flying field, and the state island boat graveyard. 

Is Anybody Allowed to Fly Drone in Central Park in New York?

Nobody is allowed to fly a drone in central park in new york. No mapping, inspection, or such can be done through the drone in Central Park, New York.

If anybody tries to do that, then he will be arrested. As new york city is one of the biggest cities in the USA. There are also many airports in it.

All the time, helicopters and airplanes fly in it. That is why people in New York can also not fly drones in central park.

If the government lets people fly drones, drones can crash with other aircraft, creating a massive problem in Central Park.

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Privacy is an essential thing everywhere. There are many tall buildings in new york city in which people live and also do work.

It would not be good if anybody started flying the drone in central park and kept staring at a specific building’s storey.

A person sitting on a building or something and is over buildings.
A man at the side building of the central park

New york city’s streets are full of people every time. Some of them travel in cars, and many of them walk in the street.

If the drone gets malfunctions or flies away from the controller, it can fall on somebody. If the drone’s weight is heavy, it can severely injure the person under it.

In some cases, drones have a good image, but for many people, it is the gadget of criminals. That’s why people don’t like drones and keep themselves away from them.

In many places, it’s seen that drones have guns installed on them, which is not suitable for this city.

Can you Fly Your Drone Outside of Central Park?

In many countries and regions, video shooting with drones is not allowed, and people do it by standing where it is permitted. That is an excellent technique for shooting videos of the required places.

I have also recommended you refrain from using your drone over a highway. You can use your drone near the road, use the drone’s camera, and zoom in for a better shot.

It is possible in some places, but in new york city, you cannot fly your drone near a central park or any area of the town. 

So if you can have the video footage of the garden standing outside of the park, then I recommend you stop thinking about it. 

A beautiful place with trees, a bridge and boats in the waterbody.
River in the central park

If it is crucial for you to take an image of something in the park, near the park, or even in new york city, then use your digital camera or your mobile camera.

Don’t get yourself arrested because of that video shot. Just think another way. The digital camera is fully allowed here.

You can use as much as you can. If you have an emergency, like something is going to happen in central park or someone is ill, and you want to save him, then you can use your drone.

How do I Legally Fly my Drone Commercially in New York?

New york city has wholly banned drone use, so it doesn’t matter whether you are flying commercially or recreationally. 

There is only one thing that I have recently seen in new york city, and that is the drone light show. The drone light show is not banned because it is not threatened.

Otherwise, I haven’t seen anyone flying a drone in new york city. People only use their mobile phones to shoot videos and take images.

It would help if you found a way to fly your drone in new york city. If we talk about the drone light shows, then they are fully allowed to fly in new york city; why?

Now let me tell you the drones used in the light shows are visible to everybody, and everybody knows that drones are flying in the sky.

These drones also are flown in a specific area. They don’t float on all the buildings of new york city.

Can you fly a drone in central park?

I hope you have got your answer. If you want to use your drone, use it outside the city; otherwise, you will get in jail.

What Bad can Happen if you Fly Your Drone in Central Park?

As I have told you, the new york city government has declared that if somebody sees someone flying a drone in new york, he should call 911 and say to the police about it. So it would be much worse if you were caught while flying the drone in central park.

Many cases will be on you like you were irritating the people in the park. If you fly your drone in new york city or central park, it can lead you to a reckless endangerment charge. The meaning of this case is that you were going to injure an individual physically.

There is another meaning: you were going to do an injury to someone, which can lead to that person’s death.

It is worse if someone calls 911 while you are flying your drone in central park. To prove yourself wrong in court(if you have this case) becomes near impossible.

Can you fly a drone in central park?
A Police Officer

As you know, this is a law in new york city not to fly the drone in it. If you fly the drone in central park, you violate this state’s rules. This could be another case for you, and you will have to pay a fine.

If you do fly your drone in this state and do not fly the drone carefully, or you start having fun with your drone, then you can get yourself in jail.

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If you fly your drone with great care, you will only have to pay a fine. The jail sentence could be more than three years.

Is it Illegal to Fly a Drone in New York?

Yes, flying a drone in new york city is entirely illegal. Nobody can fly a drone anywhere in this city without following the laws. Except for the specific places I have already told you about, flying your drone in any area is illegal.

Flying drone in the whole city is illegal, but some parks are allowed where you can use drones.

In those parks, fewer people visit, and there are fewer chances for a human being to get injured by the drone if, in any case, the drone malfunctions. So this is only one opportunity for you, and here, flying drones is not illegal.

Many love to shoot videos of new york city, but it is impossible with drones. If you want to shoot videos of the town, go to a specific place like corona park and do videography there.

If you want to photograph like a drone, you can go to a building near the park and take images from there.

Important FAQs

Can you fly a drone in times square?

It is illegal to fly drones in Times Square. In the whole city, there are only some places where you can fly your drone, but here you cannot because there are many people, and it is a public place.

Can you fly a drone in parks?

Yes, you can fly a drone in parks. Some parks may allow drones, while others may prohibit them. It is always advisable to check with the park before flying a drone there.

Can you fly a drone in your street?

If you are in New York City, you should refrain from flying your drone in your street. Flying drones in the streets in new york are forbidden.

Can you fly a drone in prospect park?

No, you cannot fly your drone in the prospect park. It is completely forbidden for people to fly drones here. You cannot fly the kites, small toys, and stuff like that.

Can you fly the drone over a Hudson river?

No, if you fly the drone over a Hudson river, you should stop flying instantly if people visit the river.

Can you fly a drone in the bear mountain?

No, you cannot fly your drone in bear mountain. As you know, this is also situated in new york city, so it is prohibited from flying aircraft.

Can you fly a drone in central park?

Final Thoughts

Central Park is a fantastic place to visit and get comfort from the noise of traffic and many other pollutions.

Many people love to go to this park, and hundreds of people visit this park every day. But you cannot do drone photography here. It is completely banned in this area.

You cant keep yourself away from people’s eyes. When you try to fly your drone in this park, people will call the cops at the time, and your drone and you will be in jail in no time.

The central park conservancy takes excellent care of its park and does it every day.

They have stated that over 42 million people visit their park every year, and this park has been there for 40 years.

In this article, I have answered your question: can you fly a drone in central park? It would help if you kept yourself safe and should not do something wrong with the park and to yourself.

If you try to fly the drone, then make sure you have checked the NYC drone no-fly zone map for once.

If you have any queries related to the park or any scenario that happened to you, you are free to tell everybody in the comments.

You can also comment if you have something to ask about central park drone laws. I will reply to it immediately(at least try it).

How often do you visit Central Park? Have you ever tried to fly your drone in it?

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