Can You Fly a Drone in Vietnam? (Drone Laws in Vietnam 2024)

Can You Bring a Drone to Vietnam

So, you are finally thinking about visiting Vietnam? You have chosen a perfect place. Vietnam has a pure natural beauty that is breathtaking.

This place is attractive because of the landscapes, delicious cuisine, rich history and culture, and warm and welcoming people. So what about you as a drone pilot?

Can you fly a drone in Vietnam?

Yes, you can bring and fly your drone in Vietnam. If you want to fly your drone in Vietnam, you should apply for approval and get permission at least two weeks before.

Also, follow the rules. Read on to learn about drone regulations and special permissions for flying drones in Vietnam. This article will provide valuable insights.

Who manages drone laws in Vietnam?

To understand the drone laws in Vietnam, you need to know the governing authority. Here is the information.

CAAV(Civil Aviation Authority Vietnam) controls and manages drone laws in Vietnam. The authority sets the new drone laws and regulations for other aircraft.

If you are thinking about flying your drone in Vietnam, let me clarify that it is the authority to which you will contact and understand all of their drone rules.

There might be other local authorities like the national park authority, but before following their rules, you know about CAAV.

Can You Fly a Drone in Vietnam
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It is because you will be safe while flying your drone and have no problem. Otherwise, you will be arrested and fined severely.

Can you fly a drone in Vietnam?

Vietnam is the dream of drone pilots and other photographers. Unique culture and landscapes make it stand out globally.

Famous festivals draw crowds worldwide.

I know you can’t hold your curiosity, but please calm down and let me tell you in detail whether you can bring your drone to Vietnam.

So according to the authorities of Vietnam, anybody can bring a drone there. Legal drone flying in Vietnam requires adherence to regulations, including restrictions on flying within 5 miles of an airport. As drones provide benefits, they also have some drawbacks.

So because of its drawbacks, you cannot quickly fly your drone in this beautiful country. There are so many hurdles that you will pass and get the approval to fly your drone in Vietnam.

Can You Fly a Drone in Vietnam

When you get approval in Vietnam to fly a drone, please do not think that you can fly your drone in whatever way you want. So what are the rules?

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What are the regulations to follow to fly a drone in Vietnam?

I am talking about the rules so much, so now let’s unpack the box of the rules. As you know, the rules keep you and others safe, especially in another country. Let me tell you that you must follow their rules when you are in the other house.

If you have a good sense, and I know you have, understanding their rules is like a piece of cake. Let me tell you why because they are so much easy. They are below.

Before flying your drone in Vietnam, please apply for drone flight approval at least 14 days before. This approval, which will be gained from the Vietnam Ministry of Defense, is essential for ensuring a smooth and legal operation.

Additionally, if you plan to fly your drone within an authorization zone, kindly adhere to the specific guidelines and regulations provided by the authorities to ensure a safe and responsible flight experience.

If we talk about height, an important rule for every country, you can only fly your drone 492 feet above ground level in Vietnam.

Your drone weight and the installed accessories should be at least or less than 26 pounds. If your drone weighs more than that, it will be illegal without a permit.

Can You Fly a Drone in Vietnam
Hanoi Vietnam

More rules

In Vietnam, you can only fly your drone in the daytime rather than nighttime and evening, as per the authority CAAV, citing the unsuitability of these times. Additionally, it’s important to note that flying a drone in foggy conditions is also restricted for safety reasons.

Different materials can get attached to drones, but you are not allowed to fly your drone with attached something in Vietnam. It is very illegal.

There are some restricted places in Vietnam that you must avoid to fly. If you don’t know them in Vietnam, you can ask the CAAV for help understanding the restricted areas.

It would be beneficial if you knew the drone rules of your airline first. Noncompliance with airline policies causes issues.

When you get the approval to bring your drone to Vietnam and get permission to fly it, ensure you follow the respective privacy policies. You need to reasonably fly your drone and not fly drones over people and private areas.

How to apply for a drone permit in Vietnam?

To legally fly a drone in Vietnam, you need a permit from CAAV. Here’s how to get it:

3 ways to obtain a drone permit in Vietnam:

  • Online Application: You can apply for a drone permit online through the CAAV’s website. Apply, submit documents, pay the fee, get approved, and receive a permit by email.
Vietnam streets
  • In-person Application: You can also apply for a drone permit at the CAAV office. Apply, submit documents, pay the fee, get approved, and receive a permit instantly.
  • Local agencies can help you register your drone or get a permit from CAAV. But they will charge you something, and you should first go for yourself and try if the authority gives you the permit. If you still need to, then you can use the local agency.

Required documents for drone permit application in Vietnam:

  • Passport or ID card (for Vietnamese citizens)
  • Drone registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of liability insurance (if your drone weighs more than 2kg)
  • Flight plan and route details
  • Purpose of your drone flight

Upon document submission and fee payment, CAAV reviews your application. If everything is in order, you’ll receive your drone permit and can fly your drone legally in Vietnam.

Remember, my friend; it’s essential to follow all the rules and regulations set by the CAAV when flying your drone in Vietnam. It will ensure you stay safe and avoid legal trouble while enjoying your drone flight.

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What will happen if you don’t follow drone laws in Vietnam?

Well, that will be a big mistake because you will face severe consequences if you don’t follow drone laws in Vietnam. The authority called CAAV takes drone laws very seriously and can put you in grave matters.

Halong by Vietnam

First, if we talk about the fines, it can depend on your damage. Cracking or attempting to will incur hefty fines. Severe damage can lead to even higher fines. Flying in prohibited areas risks confiscation without return. You will lose your drone and be fined as well.

Violate drone laws, labeled criminal, and jailed swiftly. Also, you will be in serious matters. If you fly your drone in bad behavior, you will damage something, and it also means that you will threaten public safety.

This way, trouble again. I recommend not trying to do something fishy when you are in someone other’s home.

Best drone spots in Vietnam?

Drone pilots, check out Vietnam’s top flying spots! Here are some of the best places to fly a drone in Vietnam that are allowed for drone pilots:

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most stunning natural wonders and a great place to fly your drone. The towering limestone cliffs, emerald waters, and islands make for amazing aerial footage.

Just ensure you fly your drone away from the tourist boats and follow all the regulations.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Stunning landscapes abound in this national park. You can capture stunning shots of the lush green forests, rugged mountains, and crystal-clear rivers with your drone.

Mountains and the River in Vietnam

Just ensure you get the necessary permits and follow all the regulations set by the park authorities.

Da Lat

This beautiful city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is a great place to fly your drone. Rolling hills, pine forests, and stunning waterfalls surround the town, ideal for aerial photography.

Ensure you follow all the regulations the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam sets.

Remember, my friend, when flying your drone in Vietnam, respecting the local culture and following all the regulations is essential. Avoid flying drones in restricted zones; seek approval before flying in public areas.

With these tips, you can capture some stunning aerial footage of Vietnam and create unforgettable memories!

Important FAQs

Can my drone be confiscated in Vietnam?

Yes, your drone can be confiscated in Vietnam if you violate any drone laws and regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.
Avoid restricted areas, no permit, or unsafe flying.

Is it possible to rent a drone in Vietnam?

Yes, it is possible to rent a drone in Vietnam. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can borrow drones. Get permission, and follow rules for safety, like borrowing toys from a library. It’s like needing permission from parents or teachers to use special things.

What is the price of a drone in Vietnam?

Drone prices in Vietnam vary based on brand, model, and features. Research and compare prices before buying.

Are there designated drone airports in Vietnam?

No, there are no designated drone airports in Vietnam. Fly your drone in approved areas with permits and compliance with regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

Can I buy a drone in Vietnam?

Yes, you can buy a drone in Vietnam. There are several electronics stores and online retailers that sell drones in Vietnam. Make sure to obtain permits and comply with regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

What are the regulations for flying drones in Vietnam?

The regulations for flying drones in Vietnam include getting the necessary permits from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, flying below 120 meters, avoiding restricted areas, and not flying over crowds or near airports.

Respecting the local culture and asking for permission before flying your drone in a public place is essential.

Final Thoughts

Vietnam is a fantastic place for drone pilots. Drone pilots are allowed to bring and fly their drones in there.

But they must follow the rules set by CAAV and get the required permits from the authorities. Please respect the laws and the privacy of others in Vietnam.

If you have any other queries like this, can you fly a drone in Vietnam? Then you can ask in the comment box.

What did you learn from the article: can you fly a drone in Vietnam?

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