Are Drones Allowed in Morocco? (Drone Laws in Morocco 2024)

Morocco Drone Laws

You might have heard of South Africa, which is very beautiful now. Morocco is the only country with a diverse cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and beautiful cities if you are also interested in North Africa. So can you fly your drone in Morocco?

Or, can you even bring your drone to Morocco? Are drones allowed in Morocco?

In Morocco, drones are entirely banned. This ban was applied in 2015 and still needs to be lifted by the government of Morocco. Nobody from outside of the country can bring and fly his drone there. If anybody tries to fly, his drone will be confiscated at customs.

In this article, we’ll discover intriguing details about drone usage in Morocco, including the reasons behind the prohibition of bringing and operating drones in the country. If you are interested in flying drones in Morocco, keep reading.

Who controls drone laws in Morocco?

Before bringing a drone to Morocco, you must contact the authority that controls drone laws in Morocco. In Morocco, the authority is called Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority(MCAA).

Along with this authority, there is another authority called DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

The DGCA enforces and regulates drone laws in the country; on the other hand, the MCAA also has a particular role in regulating drone laws for commercial drone use in Morocco.

As you know, Morocco has banned drones, so all drone laws are managed by the DGCA authority.

What are the General drone laws in Morocco?

The government of Morocco has banned drone laws, so the authority called DGCA regulates the drone laws in the country. Still, another authority, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), has made the drone rules for this country.

Morocco Drone Laws
Chefchaouen, Morocco

What is ICAO for Morocco?

You might not know what ICAO is, but Drone-Laws’s website explains it easily. Below is a description of what ICAO is.

ICAO is a United Nations agency that helps countries work together on air transportation. It was created by 193 countries that signed the Chicago Convention in 1944.

ICAO helps countries by researching new policies and ideas and providing standards that all member countries should follow.

ICAO is not a regulator, but it supports countries in creating regulations for things like drones.

They provide a set of rules called the ICAO Model UAS regulations that member countries can use as a starting point for their rules. It helps countries with limited resources to develop drone regulations.

General drone laws according to the ICAO in Morocco

As you now know what ICAO is, let’s understand the rules you must follow if you get approval from the DGCA authority.

Morocco Drone Laws
The beauty of Morocco
  • The first rule is to contact the country’s authority managing drone laws.
  • Drone weight above 25kg requires a permit from authorities.
  • If you use your drone to earn money, like making videos or images and selling them, you are under the commercial drone pilots category and must get a license to fly drones in the country.
  • The most important rule for all countries is that when you are flying your drone, please ensure it is visible, to your sight.
  • Before flying a drone in any country, ensure that you carefully review the drone’s manual and adhere to any specific instructions provided.
  • Flying your drone in any country or area can be dangerous; specifically, flying your drone in a country where drones are banned becomes more challenging. So before flying your drone, please check your drone thoroughly.
  • According to ICAO, you cannot fly your drone near 50 meters of any object. So please keep your drone at least 50 meters from properties or people.
  • You cannot fly at least 150 meters above the ground. It is fundamental to drone law.
  • When flying in countries with airports, ensure that you maintain a minimum distance of 8 kilometers from the airport vicinity. Please keep your drone away at least 8 kilometers from the boundaries of an airport.
are drones allowed in morocco

When flying a drone in any country, ensure you manage safety as much as possible. It is essential for you first to contact the country’s authority and then go ahead.

So here is the contact information to know more about the Morocco drone laws: DGCA Contact Form / +212 3 773 242

What drones are for Morocco country?

Drones are devices or aircraft that can do anything. It is no lie that drones have changed the way people live. Now new and updated versions of drones are coming into the whole world. Every country knows the potential of drones.

But according to the Moroccans, drones risk their safety, security, and privacy. In Morocco, a Muslim country, privacy holds great significance to its people.

You are fortunate if you get permission to film with your digital camera. Please, when you visit Morocco, be patient and as polite as you can.

Specifically, when you visit regional places like mosques and other areas, do not do something that can cause you to be put in jail.

are drones allowed in morocco
People are riding camels in the desert.

How can you get the approval to bring a drone to Morocco?

According to the authority of Morocco that manages the laws, the Ministry of foreign affairs has stated on their website that anything flown or driven through engines or especially by a remote needed approval first.

If you want to fly your drone in Morocco, contact the foreign trade ministry and ask for their permission. And 90% of response is denied. You will also need to get the license from the MCAA.

Please do not enter with your drone to Morocco. Entering the country with your drone will result in its confiscation and entail severe repercussions.

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According to the government of Morocco, anybody who enters the country with a drone puts the country’s safety at risk.

So if you want to bring your drone to the country and you are an authority who makes movies, or for any other purpose, you must apply for the permit at least eight days before arriving there.

After sending the request, you will receive a denial or approval response.

are drones allowed in morocco

How to register a drone in Morocco if you get the approval?

First, let me tell you that no specific authority manages drone laws in the country. So registering a drone in Morocco is very challenging. First, you must contact DGCA or the MCAA and ask them about registering your drone.

They will send you the information about registering your drone with the authority. They will provide you with the website link or send you the necessary form to complete.

Provide accurate and truthful information when filling out any received forms. Send the paperback, and you will get your drone registered after some days or some days.

If provided with a website link, create an account and complete the registration form to register your drone.

are drones allowed in morocco
View the old city of Essaouira in Morocco.

Adhere to the guidelines diligently. Drones are prohibited, so exercise utmost caution.

Once you have the registration number, keep it attached to your drone. Carry any provided cards or papers while flying.

What are the risks of bringing a drone to Morocco?

The country prohibits drones, making it impossible to bring yours there.

If you bring your drone into the country, then the police of Morocco will keep you in jail for eternity(I mean for a very long time). Please do not bring your drone to Morocco because using a drone is also not allowed by the locals.

Therefore, if you originate from a different nation, you can envision the consequences that await you.

Let me tell you, as you will enter the country in customs, the customs officers will ask you for the drone and other things. If they see your drone anywhere, they will confiscate it and ask you many questions.

are drones allowed in morocco
Morocco Marrakesh Mosque

I have also found that you must answer so many officers simultaneously. Leaving the country could pose challenges. So these are your significant risks if you dare to bring your drone to Morocco.

What will happen if you get caught with a drone in Morocco?

Understanding the repercussions of getting caught is crucial. Initially, your drone will be seized, and you will face arrest.

When you are arrested then, so many officers of customs and police will ask you so many questions in Arabic and English.

Understanding them will be challenging. After a long time of arrest then, you will be asked to sign so many papers.

Those papers will be in Arabic; you must learn what the reports say. After this many problems, you will sign the papers and want to leave the country immediately. It is also seen that you might have to pay some fines.

are drones allowed in morocco

And it would help if you were lucky to be free from the other legal consequences.

Can I take a drone from the USA to Morocco?

No, you cannot take your drone to Morocco from the USA. I have mentioned that drones are banned in the country, so taking your drone from the USA to Morocco is nearly impossible.

To legally bring your drone from the USA to Morocco, contact the DGCA for approval before use.

Why are drones banned in Morocco?

Let me tell you why drones are subject to regulations and restrictions in Morocco in a way that is easy to understand and fun to read.

Safety and well-being hold the highest priority in Morocco, ensuring a welcoming and secure environment for both its cherished citizens and valued visitors.

Unregulated drone use can threaten public safety by colliding with objects or people or interfering with aviation operations.

Therefore, the Moroccan authorities have implemented regulations to ensure that drone use is safe and responsible.

are drones allowed in morocco

Secondly, Morocco is a country that values its environment and its wildlife. Unregulated drone use can disrupt ecosystems and harm wildlife.

Drones are prohibited in certain areas with sensitive ecosystems or wildlife habitats to protect the environment.

The nation’s safety is of utmost importance. Morocco has a complex security environment due to its proximity to conflict zones and the ongoing threat of terrorism.

Unregulated drone use can pose a security risk by providing a means of carrying out surveillance or attacks.

As such, Moroccan authorities monitor and regulate drone use to ensure they are not used for unlawful or malicious purposes.

Fourthly, protecting individual privacy is essential in Morocco. The unauthorized use of camera-equipped drones can invade privacy by capturing images without consent.

To protect the privacy of individuals, Moroccan authorities require users to obtain prior authorization before using a drone for any purpose.

are drones allowed in morocco
Marrakesh Morocco

Lastly, ensuring visitors have a positive experience is a priority for Moroccan authorities. The authorities have implemented regulations to provide a suitable environment for visitors with safe and responsible drone use.

Important FAQs

What are the drone laws in Morocco in 2024?

Drone laws are controlled by an authority called DGCA. And according to this authority, drone users are required to obtain prior authorization before operating a drone. The operation of drones is prohibited in certain areas, including airports, military zones, and cultural and heritage sites.

Can I fly my drone in Morocco?

No drone flying is allowed in Morocco; a special permit is required.

Why are drones banned in Morocco?

Morocco’s government prioritizes safety. The authorities want to provide the best environment to their visitors and make the environment safe for its locals.

What is the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC)?

Morocco’s DGAC regulates aviation and drones. The DGAC is accountable for issuing permits and authorizations for drone operations in Morocco.

How do I get a drone permit in Morocco?

Apply to DGAC for a Moroccan drone permit; provide drone details, purpose, and pilot qualifications.

During the application, expect a time-consuming process with additional documents and sometimes a thorough background check.

What are the drone laws in other countries?

Drone laws differ worldwide, so researching regulations in each country is crucial before flying a drone. Some countries may have comparable rules to Morocco, while others may have more lenient or stringent regulations.

It’s advisable to consult relevant authorities or obtain current information prior to operating a drone in any country.

Final Thoughts

No, you are not allowed to fly your drone in Morocco because the authority DGCA and the government of Morocco have banned drone use in Morocco.

To fly a drone in Morocco, obtain a special permit. For questions or updates, comment below.

Would you still dare to take your drone with you to Morocco?

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