Can You Fly a Drone in Baltimore? (Drone Laws in Baltimore 2024)

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore

Explore the beauty of the USA through its diverse artificial wonders — buildings, monuments, towers, towns, and more.

These places bring joy to everybody; one area that provides all satisfaction is Baltimore.

Baltimore is a city in Maryland, a state of America. Maryland is the most loved city, and it is the best seaport in Maryland as well.

This coastal city offers a stunning nighttime spectacle as lights illuminate the seafront. There are also places in this city where you can visit the ocean on a boat.

Explore Baltimore’s fantastic beaches with unparalleled sea views.

In Baltimore, there are some notable zoos where you can see different kinds of animals and take pictures of them. One of the most seen animals is the seal in Baltimore.

A city at night

We can talk so much about the beauty of Baltimore, but this is different from our topic. The topic of our article is: can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

Before delving deeper, here’s a quick answer for clarity.

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

 According to the local governments flying a drone in Baltimore is allowed, and you can fly your drone in Baltimore wherever you want. But it would help if you remember the rules and regulations the authorities have settled for flying drones in Baltimore.

In a moment, we’ll discuss drone laws, but remember, always adhere to local and federal regulations worldwide. If you don’t follow them, you cannot fly them.

So if you want to know more about the questions in your head right now, keep reading this article. I will also share with you some of the drone laws in Baltimore that are so important.

Do You Need the License to Fly the Drone in Baltimore?

Good news: you can fly your drone in Baltimore, but preparation is key.

To fly your drone in Baltimore, you need a drone license. There are two types of drone pilots; one of them is recreational, and the other one is commercial.

Black sky with a city

For drone flying in Baltimore, bring your recreational drone pilot license.

You must obtain your commercial drone license if you are a commercial drone photographer. This law is not applied only in Baltimore or in Maryland. It is used in the whole united states of America.

It is a federal law, and you cannot disobey it. If you are a drone pilot who flies his drone for fun and a recreational drone pilot, you must pass the exam and earn your TRUST certificate to fly your drone in Baltimore quickly.

Recreational Drone Pilot TRUST Certificate

For the concern of the TRUST certificate, all you have to do is visit the official FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) website and give an online test there.

After answering all of the questions asked, you will receive an email from FAA in which there will be your TRUST certificate.

Keep in mind that the TRUST certificate is the only key for you to fly a drone as a recreational drone pilot. Please do not lose it.

If you do, you will not be allowed to fly your drone and will have to get a new certificate by giving another test.

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Commercial Drone Pilot Certificate

When discussing commercial drone pilots, you must bring your remote pilot certificate.

It would help if you had this to fly your drone in Baltimore. To get this certificate, you need to visit the FAA authority or the place which they recommend to pass the physical exam, and after then, you will get it.

The commercial drone pilot license exam is more challenging than the other TRUST certificate.

To pass this exam, you must study the maps and all the FAA rules. The expiry for this license is two years, and if you are visiting Baltimore with your expired license, you are making a mistake.

If your commercial drone pilot license is expired, you must take another online exam and get it again.

Are the FAA Rules the Same in the Baltimore?

In other countries, the authority changes as the district or state changes. But the united states of America is not like the other countries.

In the united states of America, all drone rules are controlled by only one authority, the FAA. The FAA keeps the rules the same for the other states.

All the drone rules in Baltimore are the same as in the other states of America. No matter whether Maryland is far from new york city or is separate from the other states.

The drone rules in Baltimore City and Maryland are the same as in the other states.

A city with cloudy sky and a blue sea

Some other authorities change the laws in specific areas, just like the Bid Sur in California. When you are in the USA, you must follow the drone laws they have made. Some of the rules that are so much important are down below.

  • You can only fly your drone in your visual line of sight for the recreational drone pilot.
  • You are not allowed to fly your drone near or in the airport areas.
  • In some areas in the united states, you are not allowed to fly your drone at night.
  • You also need to follow the flying time law of the FAA.

Are Baltimore’s Federal, Local, and State Laws Applied to Fly the Drone?

Yes, all of Baltimore’s federal, local, and state laws apply to commercial and recreational drone pilots. But I have good news for you: Baltimore has no local laws used on a specific place, and the state laws of Maryland are also relatively easy.

If you want to read the other drone laws of Maryland state, you can go to the official website and read the new rules or all the other regulations applied in the whole form.

In Baltimore, there are some relaxed drone laws, but when you step out of the city, you must follow all state, local, and federal laws.

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

If you can fly your drone in Baltimore, it doesn’t mean you are free from them. The federal laws in Baltimore directly apply to the drone pilot. So, if there are no state or local laws, you must keep federal regulations in mind.

As you know, the FAA drone laws are applied everywhere, so you will not get in trouble if you keep following the federal regulations.

Nobody wants to go to jail or pay fines. If you also want to save your money from breaking laws and don’t want to go to jail, then you need to follow the rules.

Is it Illegal to Fly a Drone in Baltimore?

No, flying a drone in Maryland is not illegal, but if you are flying your drone in a way that looks illegal, then you should not fly your drone in that way, like flying over people, watching someone’s home without permission and stuff like that.

If you want to make your drone flight legal, then you need to register your drone.

You are not allowed to fly a drone anywhere in the United States in populated areas as there are so many people. When you are flying your drone in Baltimore city over a crowd, it can fall and hurt somebody.

You can also not fly your drone over 400ft above altitude. If you do, then flying a drone in Baltimore will be illegal. If you are flying your drone near a Baltimore airport, you must inform the airport and get permission first.

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

Hovering the drone 5 miles near an airport without permission didn’t inform the airport authorities then flying a drone will be called illegal. People who don’t care about the laws and fly their drones over people and the city are the cause of the drone laws.

If they keep their drone flights safe and do not break the rules, then flying drones anywhere would be legal, but right now, plenty of people violate the laws for a good video shot, and this act makes new rules in that specific place.

Can You Fly a Drone in Parks in Maryland, Baltimore?

With pleasure, you can fly your drone in the parks in Maryland or Baltimore. According to the government of Baltimore city, you can fly your drone in the gardens no, matter whether you are a recreational drone pilot or the commercial drone pilot.

For recreational drone pilots, it is so good that you can fly your drone in the parks with only your TRUST certificate that you had already with you when you came to Baltimore.

If you want to make awesome videos of the parks or even the whole of Baltimore city, you can fly your drone in the gardens.

But remember that if the park management has made some rules, you must follow them. The rules of the park management will also be relaxed and not be like the laws in central park in New York.

You will be in danger if you are a commercial drone pilot pretending to become recreational to get the video footage.

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

It leads us to our commercial drone pilots. There is an excellent pilot policy for commercial drone pilots that you must follow for flying drones in the parks in Baltimore. This policy says you must have a permit to fly a drone in the gardens.

In this policy, you will also have to sign an agreement in which you promise you won’t damage the park assets. To get this policy agreement, you also need to pay some money.

If you are not a commercial drone pilot and are not working for a business or agency, you don’t need any permit because you will be considered a recreational pilot.

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What are Some Beautiful Places to Fly Your Drone in Baltimore?

There is a place in Baltimore that is so popular and is lovely for drone flights. If you want drone footage of the best site in Baltimore, I recommend you visit the Inner Harbor first.

This place is just like a movie scene, and there is a water body that will help to make your drone footage awesome.

Flying a drone in Inner Harbor is relatively easy if you keep your drone away from the reach of the people. Do not fly your drone over people.

At this place, the night becomes the day, and at night time, most of the people come here, so I recommend not flying the drone at night here.

If you want to make videos of people, museums, buildings, markets, theaters and places like that, you must go to downtown Baltimore city. This place will show you the town’s exact beauty and the people’s loveliness.

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

Only the most beautiful monument in Baltimore is the lighthouse at the shore. There is an excellent history of this lighthouse, so if you want to show people the past, you can fly your drone there.

If you also want to see natural beauty, you can fly your drone at Lake Montebello. This lake also has an excellent history, and it is also experienced that flying a drone over a water body can give you some fantastic drone shots.

Other beautiful places in Baltimore include Fell,s point, Patterson Park, Curtis Creek Ship Graveyard, Druid Hill Park, and Leakin Park, where you can fly your drone and take some beautiful video footage.

Important FAQs

Are drones legal in Maryland?

Yes, drones are legal in Maryland unless you are not following the rules that the Maryland state or the FAA makes.

If you keep following the rules, you are flying your drone legally in Maryland. Do not fly your drone illegally because, in that case, you will be in jail for a longer time.

Can you fly a drone in Annapolis?

As Annapolis is in Maryland, you can fly your drone in Annapolis. As long as you are in Maryland, you can fly your drone in Annapolis, but to fly the drone in Annapolis legally, you need to obey all state rules.

Do you need a license for a DJI drone?

It doesn’t matter what brand your drone is. The only thing that matters is your drone license from the FAA for commercial use.

You do not need a permit to use your drone as a recreational pilot.
You do not need a license if your drone weighs less than 250g.

Can you fly a drone without a license?

Flying in Baltimore without a license is possible for recreational drone pilots. If you are a commercial drone pilot, the government does not allow a drone without a drone license. To get your drone license, you need to pass the FAA exam.

Is DJI drone legal in the USA?

Yes, flying a DJI drone is legal in the USA, but it is not allowed to fly any drone in some areas in the USA.

Can you fly a drone in Baltimore?

Final Thoughts

Discover the enchanting allure of Baltimore, a city that captivates visitors with its myriad of fantastic attractions.

Nestled in the heart of Maryland, Baltimore stands out as a uniquely beautiful destination, boasting a plethora of picturesque scenes that provide the perfect backdrop for flying your drone.

Explore the charm of this vibrant city, where every corner holds the promise of an unforgettable experience.

Many states in the United States of America are so beautiful, but Maryland has its respect. The beautiful thing I like the most is that they allow you to fly your drone there. In many other states, flying drones is banned.

No matter if you are a commercial drone pilot or a recreational drone pilot. Flying drones in Baltimore specifically is allowed.

They want the TRUST certificate for the recreational drone pilot, and commercial drone pilots should have a drone remote pilot license.

Some parks and zoos can provide you with the best video footage, and you can make some good memories in Baltimore city.

After reading this article, your question: Can you fly a drone in Baltimore should be answered; in case you have some other questions, then you can ask them in the comment box.

Do you know anything about Baltimore city? Have you ever visited it?

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