Can You Fly Drones in Breckenridge? (Drone Laws in Breckenridge 2024)

Can you fly a drone in Breckenridge Colorado

In winter, Breckenridge stands out as the most popular and beautiful destination. In all other weather times, it is also very beautiful, but in the winter it becomes more attractive for especially the skiers. This place also hosts a town called “Breckenridge.”

The primary attraction for the visitors is the mountains, where the snow is calling the skiers to come and enjoy skiing. Once known for gold mines, this place has now transformed into a haven for snow enthusiasts and skiing.

If you are an enthusiast who likes winter trips and vacations, this town can make your trip memorable.

This article addresses a crucial question: Can you fly drones in Breckenridge? As you know, wherever we go, we want to take pictures there, have group selfies, and make some videos of that amazing natural beauty.

When you visit a tropical place or a mountainous area, our digital cameras can’t work efficiently, and we have to use drones to shoot the whole mountain. This article will address another issue that may arise, providing a solution.

Can you fly drones in breckenridge?

Drones can take to the skies in Breckenridge, Colorado, under the condition that pilots follow the town’s established rules. Despite Colorado’s usual drone restrictions, this town permits flying, given pilots follow local rules.

An amazing view of the breckenridge mountain
An amazing view of the Breckenridge mountain

You might have known about the Colorado rules related to drone flights. Still, in this article, we will discuss Breckenridge town and open the rules made by this town’s community and management.

So let’s start reading and learn more about Breckenridge town laws related to drones.

Can you fly drones in breckenridge?

You can freely fly drones in Breckenridge, Colorado. Anybody can go there and fly his drone without any permission, but this was in the old days.

You can now fly your drone. These days, Breckenridge town has made some rules and regulations for drones. As you know, drone pilots sometimes don’t hear anyone and start having fun with their drones.

And start disturbing everybody, which is wrong, in my opinion. If you go to a place where people are living, and you start irritating the people who live there, then they may give you some response, just like what the Breckenridge town people did with the drone pilots.

Prior to 2017, people had complete freedom to fly their drones in the mountains, towns, and wherever they pleased in Breckenridge. However, due to instances of reckless drone use, the town management has implemented the rules I will discuss below.

Those rules haven’t completely banned drones there but have applied some strict laws that are good for drone pilots.

Can you fly drones in breckenridge?

It is not a good manner to fly a drone on someone’s property and start staring at someone. So I know you don’t do that, let’s know about the laws and what they restrict.

What are the Rules to Follow to Fly Drone in Breckenridge, Colorado?

The Colorado State of America has established regulations for drone usage, and the town of Breckenridge has also enacted additional drone flying restrictions within its jurisdiction. We will discuss all of them. 

  • Refrain from reckless drone operation.
  • It would help if you did not fly your drone on someone’s property.
  • Your drone should not disturb anybody.
  • Your drone should not start following a living being in this town.
  • Your drone should not have installed any weapon on it.
  • If you tell the town you are there for surveillance, and your actual purpose is not surveillance, you can be in big trouble.
  • If you copy a peace officer and start using the drone, other people think that you are an authority who came for the betterment of the town and, in reality, you are an imposter, and then you are again in big trouble.
The nighttime view of Breckenridge
  • As a government employee, you cannot fly a drone without permission.
  • Securing special authorization from the town’s management is prerequisite for drone operation, takeoff, or landing within its boundaries.
  • If you see wildlife in this town and you start following it or disturbing it with your drone, then you should not do that because some wildlife is very rare. Violating this law can lead you to jail.
  • Disregarding these regulations by attempting to conceal your drone in luggage and operating it without proper authorization from the town authorities will result in severe consequences, including hefty fines and potential imprisonment.
  • To ensure the safety of both crewed and unmanned aircraft, it is imperative to refrain from operating drones in the vicinity of other aircraft. This practice poses a substantial risk of distraction and potential collision, which could lead to devastating consequences.
  • Refrain from operating your drone over crowds or gatherings of people within the town limits.

To read more laws and regulations of the town, you can go to their official website: The Town of Breckenridge.

Chair lift
Chairlift view of Breckenridge

If you want to get permission from Breckenridge authorities then you must fill up a specific form.

You must pay $25 for getting permission from Breckenridge Colorado authorities.

If you live in this place and you want to get a license for 1 year to fly your drone then you must $150 to the authorities. You must get a business license to fly your drone for business concerns or commercially.

If you are really serious about flying your drone in Breckenridge then you can download the form by clicking below.

If you have filled up the form then you will need to find the authority’s website. You can go to the official website of Breckenridge town for all the details of where you will send it.

can you fly drones in breckenridge
Summertime at Breckenridge

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Do you Need the License to Fly the Drone in Breckenridge, Colorado?

Yes, you need the license to fly the drone in Breckenridge town. The permit for drone flight is the most important thing. Obtaining a permit grants you permission to operate your drone within the designated area.

If you fly your drone without the permit or the permission of the management ten, you can have more problems created by yourself not accepting the town’s rules.

I have mentioned the types of rules already up there. Please choose one of them and fly your drone easily at the Breckenridge mountains and ski resorts.

Wait at least seven days after sending the forms to the authority. Your approval or denial will take up this time.

When submitting forms to management, what information should be included? Well, they are down below.

  • You must write your full name.
  • Your current address, where you live.
  • Your email address is also a very good part of this.
  • Your government ID information or you can also add your driving license photocopy.
can you fly drones in breckenridge
A morning time in Breckenridge
  • You should write the details about your drone as well. Inform them about your drone’s capabilities and provide all the necessary details.
  • It would help if you also wrote down the description of where you will fly the drone and why you will fly the drone also.

Here’s how to obtain your permit:

Failure to provide accurate information on your application may result in the confiscation of your permit. Another thing might happen if you unacceptably fly your drone.

What are the Best Tips to Fly the Drone in Breckenridge, Colorado?

Alright, you have read all the rules and regulations according to the Breckenridge management. If you remember all the things, you can fly our drone here.

So let’s know some very good tips for flying your drone in Breckenridge so that any possible accident cannot happen.

If your intent is commercial drone piloting in Breckenridge, you must have a business license. To operate a drone commercially anywhere in the United States (USA), you must pass the Part 107 drone piloting exam and obtain a commercial license.

If your intent is the recreational purpose, you will also need a license to fly your drone in the town.

In this town, you will need the TRUST certificate to fly your drone for recreational purposes.

can you fly drones in breckenridge
Another amazing view of Breckenridge

The trust certificate will work just like the permit from the FAA, and you will be able to fly your drone here. So this was the tip for you. Let’s know more.

As you know, there are some emergency centers in this town where flying drones is not a good idea. At any time, anything bad can happen, so if you are flying our drone there, you can interrupt the management.

There are crowds of people in this place so in crowded places, it is not acceptable to fly your drone.

People especially don’t like drones, no matter if the pilot has permission from the authorities. If a person doesn’t like your drone flying up on his head, he can report you.

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The Important Tips

In emergencies, if you fly your drone near the aircraft, it can lead to a big problem for you. Refrain from operating your drone in close proximity to aircraft. If absolutely necessary, inform the pilot of your drone’s presence.

Maintain a visual line of sight (VLOS) with your drone at all times.

Please do not fly your drone more than 2 kilometers because far from that you cannot see your drone and it can hit something.

can you fly drones in breckenridge
Beautiful street of Breckenridge

Limit your drone’s flight altitude to 400 feet to avoid interfering with other aircraft. Excessive altitude can distract or endanger pilots of helicopters or airplanes.

Can you fly a drone in Colorado Mountains?

Flying a drone in the Colorado mountains is allowed. If you fly your drone without permission, it would be illegal.

In Colorado, drone flights for recreational purposes are prohibited. This regulation is applicable throughout the United States.

In the Colorado mountains, certain villages or towns, such as Breckenridge, prohibit the operation of drones without prior authorization.

So if you are flying your drone in the town areas and on their mountains, you should not fly there because it creates many problems. Your drone can be confiscated or shot down by flying in a restricted area.

can you fly drones in breckenridge
Colorado mountains

Important FAQs

Can you fly a drone in Colorado Springs?

Flying your drones in the Colorado Springs parks is not allowed except in some parks. If you want to fly your drone, will you need permission from the park management?

Can you fly a drone in Downtown Denver?

Yes, flying drones in downtown Denver is allowed. But is not allowed to fly a drone on people’s properties and is only allowed to fly with a permit from FAA.

Can I fly a drone in Colorado?

You are allowed to fly your drone in Colorado. Colorado welcomes visitors to fly their drones there, but without the permission of the management, it is not allowed.

Can you fly a drone in Estes Park?

Flying drones in Estes Park is not allowed. Because it is a park in Colorado and here many people visit it. It is also a place with a population, so flying a drone on a group of people is forbidden.

Can you fly drones in national forests?

It is not allowed to fly your drone in the national forests because you will be considered a terrorist flying drone in the jungle. The government also doesn’t allow you to fly your drone because you will disturb the wildlife there.

can you fly drones in breckenridge
Red-Rocks at Colorado

Final Thoughts

The Breckenridge is an amazing place for skiing and catching fish from the lake and the river. Many visit this town and have fun with their families, partners, and friends.

There are also people living there, most of whom are the management and the home rule municipality of the United States of America.

Making videos and liking photos here can be converted for you as memories of the amazing time you will spend at this resort. But you can also use your drone instead of a mobile or digital camera. The Breckenridge will allow you to fly your drone there.

But according to the Breckenridge website, flying drones at the ski point is not allowed. Elsewhere you can fly your drone.

But before flying your drone, you must follow all the rules made by the resort management and the rules of the FAA. By remembering the town’s drone laws, you will be free and fly your drone without hesitations.

So in this article, I have solved your question: can you fly drones in breckenridge? I hope you have your answer and are packing your bags to visit this amazing resort and make some memories using your drone camera.

If you have some queries related to the question, can you fly drones in breckenridge? Then ask in the comment box.

The comment box is yours if you have anything else to say to me again. I will answer them as early possible and will give you the authentic information.

I have a question for you. Have you ever slipped from skiing? I had once. Do you like the rainforest for flying and capturing your drone, or do you love the mountains covered with snow?

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Explore the drone regulations in Breckenridge, Colorado, and discover how they impact recreational and commercial drone pilots. This article delves into the rules and requirements set by the Breckenridge town community and management for flying drones. Learn about the permits and licenses needed, whether you’re flying for fun or for business.

Whether you’re a drone enthusiast or a visitor, understanding the local drone laws is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flying experience in this picturesque town. Find all the information you need about flying drones in Breckenridge right here.

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