Can You Fly a Drone Over a Highway? (Drone Highway Laws 2024)

Can you fly a drone over a highway

Aerial photography is considered a necessity because digitalization has touched almost everything on this planet.

Many places on the planet offer opportunities for photography or videography, but it is the highways that undergo a transformation, drawing the attention of human beings.

Every photographer loves capturing aerial shots of highways; with minimal editing, the image gains immense power and conveys significant meaning.

But the thing is to take photos of the highways you went to the highway. Highways are unique places for photography.

With only a single-lens digital camera, it is nearly impossible to take a photo of the whole highway, which becomes a huge problem. For the solution, you can use a drone of any kind. You might have seen a drone flying over a highway.

Because it has wings and it can fly. While flying a drone, and take fantastic video shots and can take many photos of that highway which was almost impossible with the digital camera.

The biggest problem comes when you think about the laws of flying drones, and a question comes to your mind can you fly a drone over a highway?

The FAA forbids flying drones over highways. Photography is allowed only in restricted spaces where people in the vehicles are aware of your drone. Do not fly your drone along the vehicle or over a vehicle.

In this article, we will discuss the question, can you fly a drone over a highway and unlock everything according to this?

If you are also thinking about flying your drone near or over the highway, you need to read some guidance here. Don’t look somewhere else. Just read the article slowly and understand everything.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?
A highway route

Can You Fly a Drone Over a Highway?

You cannot fly your drone over the highways in many situations because anything terrible can happen.

Flying your drone over a highway near cars or other vehicles could potentially startle a driver. In the event that the driver becomes frightened due to your drone, it has the potential to lead to a significant traffic jam or accident.

But sometimes, when you do photography in places like conservation areas but while doing, you come to the highways, which makes you think about whether can you fly a drone over a highway. 

The answer is you should refrain from flying your drone over a highway. 

If you are surveying a highway or collecting geographic data as a civil engineer with your drone, then it’s evident that you have the permission to fly over the highway.

But it also has some FAA drone rules and regulations. You cannot fly your drone over a vehicle or people.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?
A highway road image

The simple answer is that you can fly your drone over a highway, but you will need to know about some of the laws of your state about flying a drone over a highway. No, let’s jump to our next question.

Yes, flying your drone over a highway is legal, but you will need to know the rules and regulations of flying a drone over a highway. 

If you are flying your drone over a moving vehicle and you fly it along with it, then the person in the car will think that you are keeping an eye on him, and he can do a case on you.

If you want to take a highway photo, it is not illegal, and if you have some of your work related to mapping, construction, or stuff like that, you can also do that. Just keep in mind that don’t use your drone like you are a criminal.

Drone use over a highway is perfect and can give you beautiful images of the traffic. While flying your drone at least 30m above the traffic, interact with the traffic with your drone. Engaging in such actions constitutes the illegal use of your drone and may result in your arrest.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?

In the UK(United Kingdom), it is not illegal to fly your drone over a highway, but in this country also, there are many rules and regulations, especially for the highways.

If you keep following those rules and fly your drone over a highway, you will do nothing wrong.

But if you start flying your drone over a highway and teasing the traffic, then the rules can prosecute.

So keep yourself bound by the rules and fly your drone as the rules say. Being overly clever may lead to receiving a fine or facing legal action. People around you can also report you doing drone violence.

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Can you fly a drone over moving traffic?

You cannot fly a drone over moving traffic because it can create a distraction for a car driver. There are many reasons for this, and I will only discuss the most critical ones.

A drone distracting a vehicle’s driver can lead to a serious accident. Flying a drone over moving traffic is prohibited.

On highways or motorways, almost all traffic goes at high speed. So if your drone distracts one driver by any chance, it can cause a massive accident on the highway. One damaged car can not only harm itself but also pose a risk to other traffic.

That is why your state doesn’t allow you to fly your drone over a highway.

As you know, whether a person controls the drone from the ground or not, the human mind creates the drone, and it remains a machine. The drone can get an error or can get many faults while flying.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?
An image with the drone flying over a highway

If a drone experiences an error while flying over a highway and becomes disconnected from the controller, it will fall onto the ground or the vehicles moving on the highway, and this will be your responsibility.

So first, if you are flying your drone on a highway and your intent is recreational, then let me tell you that you should not fly your drone over there.

If you are a professional drone user and your intent is commercial, and you need video footage of that highway, check your drone before giving it flight and don’t fly your drone over moving vehicles.

By following your drone rules, you will also accomplish your tasks.

Can you cross a road with a drone?

You can cross a road with a drone if there is no traffic on the highway or road. But if there is traffic, then you cannot cross it. 

The same problem will be here if, by any chance, your drone gets an error; it can fall on a person or a vehicle, injuring the person and damaging the car.

If you are in the city and you are flying your drone, then you should get help from the map of that street.

If there are no restrictions on that street and everything is clear, then you can fly your drone and cross the road with a drone. But if there are restrictions, put your drone in its bag and cross the road.

Fly your drone at so much height that the people on the road or the street couldn’t know about it, and you will easily cross the road.

Another answer to your question is that crossing the road or just taking images doesn’t matter if you have no restrictions on that road.

Moving traffic image through a drone

If there are restrictions, then it matters that you should not cross a road with a drone. You can fly your drone on roads and cross them, but make sure there are no restrictions or moving vehicles.

Don’t fly your drone across a road if there are moving vehicles.

If you are doing your commercial job and need help getting the right angle, and you can’t do your proper mapping, then you can cross the road but make sure before flying your drone that everything is fine.

What happens if you fly a drone in a restricted area?

You might end up in jail for a long time as a criminal. Before doing that, think about your drone price and your time in jail. Doing that would be a bad idea, and you might lose your license.

Flying your drone in restricted areas can lead to confiscation, resulting in permanent loss of the device.

It is said by one of the militaries. You can get in big trouble if you take your drone near a restricted area or the military base.

The places like airspace and the military, the people there have particular kinds of guns that can jam the signal of your drone, and it can easily fall. It could get shot, and you might end up in jail.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?
A restricted area for drones.(as an example)

Operating your high-value drone in unauthorized areas may result in potential damage, legal repercussions leading to imprisonment, and financial penalties.

Without wasting this much money, I recommend you never think about taking your drone in a restricted area.

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Can you fly a drone over a highway in California?

The United States of America has different laws and regulations for drone usage. California is also located in America, so some stringent laws regarding drones exist. 

In California, you cannot fly your drone over a highway whether your intent is recreational or commercial. 

There are very many restrictions in this state of America on using drones. So if you live in California, don’t even think about flying your drone over a highway.

Engaging in such actions can result in significant financial implications, and it may lead to legal consequences, given the regulatory framework within the United States.

It’s important to note that FAA regulations apply uniformly, although distinctions exist for operations conducted on highways.

In all countries, the traffic on the highways is so much; this way, the Californian highways are also full of traffic.

So to secure traffic, California state has made this law because using drones over a highway can cause many problems for the traffic and the state.

A California

What are the FAA rules for flying drones over a highway?

The states have made many rules, but the Federal Aviation Administration has made some special rules for flying a drone over a highway that you should follow with all interest.

The list below is the rules you should always keep in mind when flying your drone over a highway.

  • The person flying a drone should have a license to fly the drone and also know about the drone’s failure.
  • The pilot should not fly the drone over people with no cover like they are not in the vehicle or don’t know that you are flying a drone.
  • Before flying the drone, check every accidental fault so it cannot fall on any person’s head or property or damage any other aircraft.
  • The pilot should refrain from having fun while flying the drone over a highway. He should not fly the drone in a heedless way over a highway.
  • Follow these laws while flying the drone; otherwise, if you don’t follow them, don’t fly the drone.
  • The weight of your drone should be less than 0.55 pounds. It is counted more than the weight of the drone. There should also be accessories’ weight counted in this much weight. The simple thing is while your drone is in the air, its weight should be less than 0.55 pounds.
FAA rules

More drone laws

  • There should be no parts attached to your drone that can harm people, like guns, knives or other things. It is for the safety of the people if, by any chance, the drone falls.
  • If the drone operator doesn’t have a license, he cannot fly the 0.55 pounds weight drone. The drone controller must have the license for this weight drone.
  • If your drone has no Remote ID, you should not fly your drone over a highway. (Remote ID provides you with all the information about your surroundings and the drone to keep the flight safe and secure).
  • If you are flying your drone on a restricted highway and all the people on it know it, and they have allowed you to fly, there will be no problem for you.
  • The person on the highway should be under a cover like he should be in the vehicle. You should also not fly the drone unless that person is aware of it and hasn’t allowed you to fly.
  • Do not fly your drone with a moving aircraft; otherwise, you will be arrested.
  • If you are flying a drone over a less populated area and delivering something or using your drone for compensation, then you are allowed to fly your drone.

What bad can happen while flying a drone over a highway?

As you know, the drone will fly over the other traffic, so there would be no problem with traffic on the highway.

But let me tell you if nothing wrong can happen with flying a drone over a highway, then let me tell you why the FAA has made so many rules about flying the drone over a highway.

Motorcycle Driver can Get Injured

Undoubtedly, when we drive on the roads or highways, we need to pay our full attention on the roads.

Encountering a drone in close proximity while legally operating a motorcycle on a highway can evoke a sense of unease and potential distress.

Because of that, you can hit your motorcycle with another car or vehicle, which the drone user causes.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?

Sudden Car Accident

While driving the car, we do many things like turn on or off AC, heaters, and fans and keep our mind on talking to the backside seat’s person.

IF suddenly the driver sees a drone on the highway, he will crash the car, and the same will happen to the other cars, which will cause a big accident on the highway.

Many lives will be in danger, and the mess on the road will be a disaster and a waste of time.

Not Drone Trusty Car Driver Can Cause the Accident

Drone technology is not trustable as in some regions or even countries. It is still a new technology, so people don’t trust drones.

On the highway, if this type of person doesn’t trust the drone or can panic and be distracted, it will again cause something terrible.

Cars can Get Punctured, and Drones Destroyed

If by any chance your drone gets an error in it and is uncontrolled, it can be hit by a speedy car, which will puncture the car and also, your drone will get so much destroyed.

If suddenly a car stops on the highway, the other cars will also stop, or an accident can occur.

This way, your drone will be destroyed or at least damaged, and traffic jams will also happen.

Is there any possibility of flying a drone over a highway?

Yes, you need to follow the FAA rules to fly your drone over a highway and don’t become over-smart.

If you want to take amazing photos of the highway, you can change the camera lens without going on the highway.

If there is less traffic on the highway, flying your drone over a highway is possible.

The final solution is to ask some drivers for permission to fly your drone over a highway. But the only problem is the vehicle should be standing on the road.

Important FAQs

Can you fly drone over motorway UK?

You can fly a drone over a motorway in the UK, but you should consider the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

Ensure your drone is visible to other drivers, and always keep it within your line of sight. Your drone should be above 50 meters from the other vehicles.

Can drones fly under bridges?

While drones can fly under bridges, it is not always recommended. The drone’s height and the bridge’s width can affect how easy or difficult it is to fly under the bridge. Additionally, wind conditions can also be a factor.

Can you fly a drone over private property?

You can fly a drone over private property. Still, you should always check with the property owner to see if it is okay because you cannot fly a drone over any private property without the owner’s permission.

Can I fly a drone over a city?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates airspace in the United States, and there are restrictions on where and how you can fly a drone.

Generally, you cannot fly a drone over a city or other populated area without getting special permission from the FAA.

Can you fly a drone over people?

The short answer is yes, you can fly a drone over people, but some restrictions exist.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has rules that require drones to be flown at or below 400 feet above ground level and must keep the drone within the operator’s sight at all times.

If you’re flying over people, they must be part of a “closed set” and be aware of the drone’s operation. For more information, consult the FAA’s website.

Can you fly a drone over a highway?

Final Thoughts:

So you can fly your drone over a highway but in some circumstances. If there is no or at least less traffic, ask the drivers’ permission, and follow the FAA’s rules. So you have got the answer to your question: Can you fly a drone over a highway?

To photograph the highway appropriately, you must follow the rules and regulations.

It is beautiful to take images of moving vehicles on the highway, but it is not more important than any person’s life. So before using your drone on a highway, ensure you follow all the rules and are secure.

So I hope you have learned something important today give yourself a tap because you have read this article. If some questions remain, write them down in the comments.

I’ll do my best to answer them. If you also have some suggestions for the audience, don’t hesitate to write them down in the comments.

So have you EVER flown a drone over a highway or a bridge?

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