Are Drones Allowed in Barcelona? (Drone Laws in Barcelona 2024)

Can you fly a drone in Barcelona

Barcelona is the only city in the world that is popular because of its buildings and home design. The city’s design is stunning, and a drone video can be surprising with its unique building patterns.

Spain, a country rich in cultures and beloved people, hosts Barcelona. If you have yet to see the heart of Spain, then you should visit Barcelona.

Explore the world’s most vibrant city with diverse traditions and unique events, like the thrilling spectacle of running with bulls.

It is an event in Barcelona. So if you want to see the different events and traditions, you should visit Barcelona. The article focuses on whether drones are allowed in Barcelona.

Are drones allowed in barcelona?

You have the freedom to fly drones in Barcelona, capturing stunning photos and videos of the cityscape. Ensure your drone weighs less than 25kg during landing. You should also ensure you are not flying your drone over people. 

Barcelona City has made some special rules that every drone pilot should follow.

Who Controls the Drone Rules in Spain?

Each country has its own rules. When in Barcelona, local drone laws apply instead of those from your home country.

When in Barcelona, American drone rules no longer apply. Barcelona, like other countries, has its civil aviation authority overseeing aircraft regulations.

The name of the civil aviation authority is AESA(Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aerea). It is actually in Spain language so that you might understand the meanings. But I can tell you that this authority controls all the drone-related rules in Spain.

This authority not only controls the drone rules; they also manage all regulations of international flights.

The administration also handles the incidents that occur because of drones and stuff like that. They have a mission to show the world their traditions and cultures.

Understanding AESA’s laws for non-Spanish speakers, especially in the U.S., can be challenging.

But I have changed them to English language and have made them understandable. The rules are down below.

QUICK TIP: I have used the application Google Translate to translate the whole website of AESA, which you can do.

Can you Legally Fly Your Drone in Barcelona?

Flying a drone in Spanish country is entirely legal, and it is also legal in Barcelona city. But it is not true because after following the rules and regulations, you can make your drone legal to fly; otherwise, it is illegal.

So to make your drone legal in Barcelona, you can follow the rules that are down below.

The first rule is that when your drone lands or takes off, it should weigh less than 25 kilograms. The AESA needs to provide information related to the drone’s size or the importance of the drone itself in this first rule.

are drones allowed in barcelona

They said that if your drone has more than the recommended weight, you cannot operate it in Barcelona.

This rule has very similar to the FAA regulations in the USA. The drone operator must register their drone with AESA, regardless of its size or intent.

Ensure the registration of your drone if you’re a recreational pilot; it’s a vital step in responsible drone ownership.

Your certificate of drone registration should always be in your pocket because the police of Spain will surely ask you when you will be flying your drone in Barcelona.

If your drone exceeds 2 kilograms in weight, failure to register it constitutes a violation of the rules.

To register your drone, you need to visit the official site of AESA or call the office physically. Drones weighing over 2 kilograms must be registered with the AESA for permission to fly.

Must follow drone laws in Barcelona

If you want to register your drone or you also want to get the drone license then you should get it from the right authority. On the other hand, you can visit the office physically of AESA.

For the permit, the required documents are the drone operator number(which you will receive after registration), registration certificate, Passport, and ID. So keep them with you when you start filling out the forms.

After getting the drone registration certificate and flying license, you can still fly your drone anywhere.

As you know different authorities manage drone laws. Before flying your drone in the city, ensure it is registered, and you have obtained permission. It is because people’s privacy is more important than flying a drone.

It would help if you got the authority’s permission to fly your drone there. Flying your drone in Spain could lead to being labeled a criminal.

I know you want to maintain your respect for the Spain people. Don’t fly your drone without permission if you don’t want that.

As I told you before, privacy for everyone is essential.

Obtain permission from the appropriate authorities to fly your drone. However, be cautious not to fly it in areas with people living or walking unless you have explicit permission from them as well.

Flying your drone near the crowds is also forbidden. Suppose you do, then let me clarify that the Spanish people don’t do mercy on criminals.

You can fly your drone on the spot or in that area, but when there are people in that specific place, the rules change, and AESA doesn’t permit you to fly your drone near people’s crowds.

QUICK TIP: Most of the time, you should refrain from flying your drone when it is an event of any kind.

are drones allowed in barcelona

Do not fly your drone above 400 feet, as this rule applies in Canada as well, specifically designed for the safety of other aircraft. If you find yourself in proximity to airports, promptly bring your drone down, as flying drones near airports is strictly prohibited.

What are Some Important Rules for Flying Drones in Barcelona?

The laws of Spain country are almost the same as those of America. There are city laws, federal laws, AESA laws, and country laws as well.

Adhere to these guidelines to gain permission for flying your drone in Barcelona or Spain. Please I would highly recommend that you do not violate any drone laws in Barcelona.

If you want to fly your drone in Barcelona City, you need to keep your drone 22 feet in the air.

One more thing is that make sure your drone weighs less than 250 grams. Most places in Barcelona that are historical or related to events have become parks.

Strictly follow the crucial rule that prohibits drone flying in Barcelona parks and country gardens.

If it is so essential for you to fly your drone in one of the parks, then you need to get permission from the AESA.

If you want to fly your drone in the National Park in Spain then you must get the permission from Ministry of Defense of Spain first.

These places are crucial for Spain, and they don’t want any threat. After sending an Email to the authority, you need to be patient and wait for a week or two.

are drones allowed in barcelona

According to the city laws of Barcelona, you need to keep your drone away from people at least 50 meters and buildings at least 150 meters.

This rule is a must to fly a drone in any city in Spain. Regarding the airports, you must keep your drone at least 15 kilometers from them.

When flying your drone in Barcelona, the identification sticker should be on your drone and your remote.

Also, you should have all the documents when you launch your drone. The critical and similar rule is that your drone should remain in the visual line of sight.

You are not allowed to fly your drone at night in Barcelona.

If you are flying your drone in Barcelona to get commercial footage, you need liability insurance as well, and in Barcelona, it is essential.

Where are drones allowed in barcelona?

It is a city that allows you to fly a drone anywhere here. If you want to take footage of the whole town, you can if you keep following the drone laws.

Certain locations in Barcelona, including airports and areas associated with government departments, prohibit drone flights. Additionally, flying your drone is not permitted near helipads.

If you need to know where to fly your drone, you can use the drone flying map in your drone helping app.

Many places are wide in space, and no buildings or people exist. So in these places, you can fly your drone without any disturbance of avoidance and also people.

are drones allowed in barcelona

Flying your drone amidst birds or wildlife poses risks, as these creatures may pose a threat to your drone or even carry it away, particularly if you venture into their territory or near nesting areas.

Ensuring a safe drone flight and capturing the perfect cityscape requires not only respecting fellow humans but also being considerate of the local wildlife.

For those seeking ideal drone-friendly locations in Barcelona, here are specific spots where drone enthusiasts can confidently take to the skies.

Paseo de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya also have a crowd, but you can fly your drone here. If you want to keep your footage and you save it, then please, when there are crowds here, do not fly your drone.

are drones allowed in barcelona

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Parc Güell and Montjuïc, where drone enthusiasts are welcome to take flight and capture stunning aerial views. Please do keep in mind the drone laws that you applied here.

Can you Fly a Recreational Drone in Barcelona?

This article was almost related to flying drones recreationally in Barcelone, but I can tell you once again. Yes, you can fly your drone in Barcelona as a recreational pilot.

It is essential to fly your recreational drone under the Barcelona drone laws. Your drone registration is necessary if you are a foreigner in Barcelona.

The rules to register a recreational drone are written up there. You can read the frequently asked section below for more questions.

are drones allowed in barcelona

Final Thoughts

Spain is a fantastic place for people who want to see the cultures and love the human-made things in history.

So if you are a drone pilot thinking of going to Barcelona, you are also taking your drone with you. So, are drones allowed in barcelona?

Yes, you can fly your drone in Barcelona, but you must also follow all the drone laws made by the authorities in Spain and Barcelona.

The authority known as AESA permits drones in Barcelona by establishing drone laws.

When flying your drone, you have all the essential rules in your hands or your drone bag. If you follow the laws, flying your drone in Barcelona or anywhere in Spain can become more accessible.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about whether drones are allowed in Barcelona. Then you can ask in the comment box. The comment box is also open for the other questions in your head.

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Planning to fly your drone in Barcelona? This article covers the essential details about drone regulations in Barcelona, including where and how you can fly your drone, registration requirements, and important rules to follow. Whether you’re a recreational drone pilot or a visitor to this beautiful city, understanding the drone laws in Barcelona is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Find out everything you need to know about flying drones in Barcelona right here.

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