Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park?

Can you fly a drone in Banff

Whenever we think about going on a trip, one place comes to everybody’s mind: where there are mountains, greenery, and stuff like that.

No matter how much taller buildings and technology are increased, humankind always goes to nature-made things for the leave of their jobs.

These kinds of places are so much beautiful and full of peace. Here is no traffic problem and no pollution as well. One is the Banff national park in Banff town, Alberta, Canada.

This place was already there for years. It was so charming that now it’s converted into a city and a national park in Canada.

These days it has become a vast touring place for humans, and people go skiing, hiking, and biking.

As it’s so fantastic, one can make some memories of this place by capturing it through the camera’s lens. As you know, many mountains here are a perfect look of nature.

You must bring your drone camera here to make amazing videos and photos. But the question arises can you take your drone camera in Banff?

The beauty of this particular place is more attractive than any other place. So let’s talk about our question, and today I will tell you everything related to it.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park?

Recreational drone use is prohibited in Banff national park, But commercial use is allowed unless the drone pilot follows all the rules and regulations the government makes. There are different rules for the Banff National Park and Banff town. 

It is just a specific answer to your question. Next, we will discuss the town’s rules and the national Park Banff. We will also discuss how you can fly your drone in Banff park commercially. So make sure you read every line of the article.

So what are you waiting for? If you have planned a trip to this Park and town, it is worth reading this article. Grab a cup of tea or coffee(if it’s cold there); otherwise, you can have a cold drink to bear with this article. Keep reading.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
A beautiful scene to refresh the eyes of Banff

Can you Fly the Drone Outside the Banff National Park?

As there are different rules for Banff park and Banff town, you cannot fly your drone in Banff town or outside of the Park. The Park is in Banff town in Alberta, so flying your drone is not permitted.

According to Banff town, there are many helicopters here that fly every day. If they allow the drone to fly there, recreational users may crash the drone with the other aircraft.

So to keep the helicopters safe, flying the drone outside Banff park is not recommended.

In the map, if you check out, it also states that Banff town is a no-fly zone for the drone user. Check the map here of Banff town. Contact the town’s authorities first to fly your drone in the city. They are down below:

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
Banff town in National Park

If you are a filmmaker, you need to contact these authorities first, and you will also pay for the shooting in the town. It is not allowed if you are an ordinary man and want to use the drone for recreational purposes.

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Can you Use Drone in Banff for Recreational Purposes?

As I have mentioned, this town is inside the Banff national park, and around it, there is a beautiful place that should be kept safe from accidents.

The Town of Banff has clearly stated that using drones in Banff for recreational purposes is wholly forbidden. This place should remain a natural thing.

There must be no technology or artificial stuff. The people who come to the Park are there to have fun and see nature’s beauty.

Banff town and the National Park have helicopters that fly daily, which is the biggest reason not to fly drones there. The second thing is that the National park management has also yet to permit flying drones for recreational purposes.

The government of Canada has also stated that the Banff national park and the town are not a fly zone for you. So don’t take your drone with you if you have planned to shoot all the Banff town. Take your digital camera there are you will be good to go.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
A mount view of the Banff Park

In some countries, with a permit and trusted certificate, you can fly your drone for recreational use.

But if you have access and the trust certificate in the Banff national park and the town or even any Park in Canada, you are not allowed to fly your drone there.

Please don’t use your drone in the parks of Canada; otherwise, you will have to pay a fine which could be more than you are thinking right now(more than $20,000. It’s true). Banff national park drone laws are stringent for all locals and foreigners.

Is it Possible to Fly Drones in Banff National Park Commercially?

Flying your new drone in Banff National Park will get you into trouble.

Banff park does allow the drone pilot to fly their drones in it but not the people who don’t have the permit.

To fly your drone in the Banff national park, you must first get a drone flying license. It is otherwise not allowed to fly your drone in the Banff national park.

So if you have the permit and the trust certificate, let’s know more about how you can get permission to fly your drone in the Banff national park as a commercial drone user.

Email the superintendent to request drone flying permission.

In the email, you will tell everything about drone use in Banff town that you will do. Let me clarify that your condition should be only one of the four I have already told you about.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
Public place in Banff Nationa Park

To contact the superintendent, you must visit Banff National Park’s official website. So after the approval from the superintendent, you will need another permit which is a commercial film permit.

As the name suggests, this permit will be essential if you want to shoot films or documentaries here.

Without this permit, you are not allowed to do the filming, whether you belong to Netflix, youtube, or any other film industry.

To take this permit to the high level, you must tell the National park Banff 30 days in advance. After your request, the National Banff park takes 30 days to process it and authorize you.

Fill out the form to get the film permit. Many things need to be filled out in it. You can see this in the image below. You can also visit the website and see the form.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
Form That you need to fill

You must fill out these places in the form to be accepted for videography in Banff. So make sure to fill out each and everything.

After getting the permit from the National Park, Banff, you will need extra licenses and must pay the $263 fee for filming Banff daily.

What will happen if Somebody Report You for Flying the Drone in Banff?

Canada also follows the rules very strictly, just like the united states of America has done with new york city according to the use of drones.

So, for example, if you get caught by someone in the Park while flying your drone, then the person who sees you is allowed to report you immediately.

There is also a number on the Banff national park’s website through which the person will quickly call the police or the park warden, who will arrest you as early as possible.

If you get caught by the person, and if he is a little kind and tells you that flying drones is prohibited here, then there are some chances for you to get yourself safe.

On the other hand, if a Park warden or Policeman caught you while flying your drone in or outside of the Park, you will be fined and arrested. The fine that the government charge starts from $25,000.

If you say to the Policeman or even in court that you have flown the drone for the first time and didn’t know the rules, you will be in more trouble.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
Night at Banff National Park

So by using your mind, why don’t you NOT use the drone in the Banff national park or town? It will ruin you because the $25000 is not a small amount to pay as fine.

The worst scenario could be that, as you know, there are rules in Banff town, and by flying the drone, you have broken them.

In such a situation, jail could be a possibility.

Can you Fly Mavic Mini in Banff National Park in Canada?

The size of your drone is inconsequential, be it compact enough to fit in your hand or even tinier. It’s the drone with the 4k camera resolution.

So you cannot fly the Mavic Mini in national parks in Canada because it will make so much noise and also can distract the helicopters in Canadian national parks. You cannot fly your drone there if you use your Mavic Mini for recreational use.

Drones rotate their propellers powerfully, which creates so much sound, and that sound becomes noise for the visitors of the National Parks.

So don’t think the Canadian government will leave you because your drone’s size is small after catching you flying a drone in the Park.

If you have special permission with you and want to fly your drone in Banff, then you can use your Mavic Mini or even the Phantom 4, but you are only allowed with the permit.

So I hope you understand the answer. One more thing is that the people who work in the national parks can get permission quickly.

Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
Edited image at the Banff Park

Important FAQs

Can you fly DJI mini in Banff?

In Banff National Park, drones are not currently allowed to be flown. If you want to fly your drone commercially, gain a permit from the Canada Transfer Authority.

Can you fly a drone in Griffith park?

In the parks, you are not allowed to fly your drone. It is completely forbidden to fly your drone in Griffith park. It would help if you did not fly your drone anywhere in the Park.

Can you fly a drone across the border?

It is entirely illegal to fly your drone across the border. If you tried to fly your drone across the border, the other side’s army would shoot it down without knowing about it.
Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park
A view of Banff National Park

Final Thoughts

Banff is a fantastic place to visit and understand the beauty of nature. If you fly your drone without permission, you can get in big trouble because there are the town’s rules and the Banff national park’s rules.

Therefore, regardless of the situation, evading legal consequences and settling the fine is impossible.

However, if you intend to operate your drone in this region, you must acquire a permit that entails fulfilling four specific requirements. Banff has allowed the commercial use of drones in the National Park, but it is only available for some.

If you get caught while flying the drone in Banff National park, you will be fined and pay more money if you go into court.

The judge will also charge you something. So before putting yourself in this mess, why don’t you don’t do this?

Don’t use the drone in Banff Park. So your question Can I Fly a Drone in Banff National Park? It has been concluded that you cannot fly your drone there with the recreational intent.

Alright, if you have some queries related to the Canda National Park Rules, then ask in the comment box and let me know what kind of problems you have faced with the drone laws.

I will respond to your inquiry promptly and actively participate in the discussion.

Do you know what kind of beauty is in Banff? Have you had the chance to explore Banff? If so, what is your favorite aspect of this destination?

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