Are Drones Allowed in Jordan?

Can you bring a drone to Jordan

There are so many countries worldwide, and they are so beautiful, but you haven’t seen Jordan in Asia. Jordan has a rich history, fantastic culture, and beautiful nature. Jordan is most in the desert, located in the middle east.

There are so many water bodies in it. What about flying drones there and making videos of Jordan?

Are drones allowed in jordan?

Yes, bringing a drone to Jordan is allowed, but there are rules made by CARC(Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) that you need to follow. To fly a drone there, you must get approval from CARC and follow all of the rules that manage drone usage in Jordan.

In this article, I will give you such power that your drone will not get confiscated in Jordan, and that power is the knowledge of the rules. So hang tight and read this article entirely because your drone is not cheaper, and a reasonable mistake can let you pay so much.

Are drones allowed in jordan?

Yes, you can bring your drone to Jordan and have all the right to do this. There are some rules that you must follow when flying your drone in Jordan.

You can also travel with your drone to Jordan. If you want to keep yourself safe from penalties then follow all of the drone laws.

When people do rashness then they make the mistake and I hope you are not one of them.

If you are thinking about visiting Jordan then please first register your drone and also please send the registration form at least 10 days before your arrival in Jordan.

are drones allowed in jordan
Petra, Jordan

It is the basic rule of Jordan, and if you don’t get the approval and still bring your drone to Jordan, it will be confiscated, and you will get it when you depart from Jordan. The customs authorities will take your drone and won’t give you to take inside Jordan.

Customs is crucial for the deliveries of luggage and so many other objects, and when you reach Jordan customs, all you need to do is give every detail about your drone that they ask for. Whatever the customs officers ask you about the drone, tell them exactly.

Is drone illegal in Jordan?

The question is essential for a drone pilot because many pilots make mistakes. If you will make mistakes while flying your drone in some place then at that place new drone laws will be born.

So before flying your drone in that place you should do some research about drone laws.

In Jordan, flying drones is entirely legal. That’s why they have made the authority called CARC. You are wholly allowed to fly your drone in Jordan, but the administration CARC has made some conditions you need to fulfill.

You are also entitled to fly your drone commercially and recreationally in Jordan, but you must follow some rules again.

are drones allowed in jordan
Petra, Jordan

Are you allowed to fly a drone in Jordan as a recreational pilot?

As a recreational drone pilot, get permission from the authorities and the people of that place.

As a recreational drone pilot, you only want to fly your drone for enjoyment and fulfill your wish to fly a drone in Jordan or wherever you live. So yes, you can fly a drone as a recreational pilot in Jordan, but you only need to follow some rules.

The most important drone laws in Jordan:

A recreational drone pilot must have knowledge about drones and should be 21 years old. If you got some training from any institute, it would help you more to fly your drone in Jordan recreationally.

Insurance is so much important for the recreational drone pilot of its drone. If you damage property or injure somebody by any accident, the insurance company will be able to cover your back.

Most of Jordan is situated in the desert, and you will need to keep your drone below 121 meters from the ground, and it should be within 500 meters from you. Keep in mind these rules are for recreational drone pilots.

are drones allowed in jordan
Temple of Hercules at Amman Citadel in Amman, Jordan.

As usual, you must take your drone so much away from the buildings, people, and vehicles because if your drone gets malfunctions, then it can make severe problems.

In Jordan, at any time, the wind can start and can make you blind from watching your drone flying, so the authority called CARC has made a rule to not fly a drone for more than 3 hours for a commercial drone pilot. The other same rule is not to fly the drone near airports.

As usual, there are many governmental buildings or bases like military or police stations. These places are restricted for recreational drone pilots to fly the drone there. Keep your drone away as much as you can from government-related institutes.

To fly your drone recreationally, you must inform the CARC first and get the approval ten days before your arrival in Jordan. The CARC authority will give you the permit, and you can fly your drone recreationally.

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Are you allowed to fly a drone in Jordan commercially?

There are no more strict rules for commercial drone pilots. The drone rules for recreational drone pilots are also those for commercial drone pilots.

The exact age should be more than 21 years, and you should not fly your drone above 121 meters and keep a distance between you and your drone of about 500 meters.

A commercial drone pilot can only fly his drone for 3 hours and his drone should be less than 56 pounds. It should be in good condition and should not be damaged or near to expire.

are drones allowed in jordan
People are riding camels in Wadi Rum Valley, Jordan.

Just follow all the rules discussed in the recreation drone pilot rules section. The permit rule is also the same for commercial drone pilots.

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What are some specific rules for flying a drone in Jordan?

The rules that I have told you are the most important, and some of the below are the-must drone rules in case you want to fly your drone in Jordan without worries or penalties.

First, you must register your drone online with the CARC authority. Your age does matter, and it should be more than 21 years.

The Jordan people have a rule that the older you are, the wiser you are.

You should also have the training and know everything about your drone. The next thing that is so important for you is insurance. It would help if you had public liability insurance and should also have the documents with you.

After getting approval from the authority, you must keep your drone only 500 meters away. Before sending the request to the CARC for drone approval, you must wait ten days to expect approval or denial.

The only rule almost the same everywhere is not to fly the drone above 400 feet.

are drones allowed in jordan
Ancient Roman Forum in Jordan

Remember that your drone should not fly more than 400 feet, and you should land your drone within 3 hours. These are the rules that are so much important to fly a drone in Jordan.

But one thing that you need to remember when you send the request is to talk to a professional drone pilot who has already flown his drone in Jordan. It will help you so much to understand the new and the old drone rules. 

How can you take your drone through the customs of Jordan?

The CUSTOMS is much more difficult for me than flying the drone in the bushes. You know there are so many questions you must tell the customs officers and the discussion continues. I wouldn’t say I like the customs, but it is essential.

The questions that the officers ask are important, which is why you will need to have patience.

Wherever the drones are legal to fly, you will need to come to the hurdle called customs.

So let’s come to Jordan; in Jordan, you are a tourist, bringing your drone technology with you. So what you need to do is register your drone on the online website called CARC Government

Visit the official website and fill up the information that the authority asks for and then wait for 10 days for approval. When submitting your details, please ensure you write the correct and truthful information about yourself.

are drones allowed in jordan
A city in Jordan

Just provide the details in the original form, and I assure you that you will get the approval in half ten days. When you travel through flight then please remove battery from your drone and store it in a fireproof bag.

Put your drone in your carry-on luggage. Make your drone as secure as you can.

Keep the passport, insurance documents, and certificate of your drone training always in your drone bag because an officer of any authority in Jordan can inquire about you.

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What are the best places to fly a drone in Jordan?

The Jordan has so much beauty, and you can also fly your drone in Jordan, but it doesn’t mean there are no rules. You will need to keep following the rules and be able to fly your drone in Jordan’s beautiful places.

Suppose you got the approval from the CARC and traveled by flight to Jordan. Now, how are you supposed to fly the drone at better places?

Well, down below are the most popular places in Jordan that you can visit and fly your drone and show the world about your talent and the beauty of Jordan.

Amman: Amman is Jordan’s capital city, with many old and new buildings. The buildings are so near each other and make a beautiful combination. If you fly your drone in Amman, you can show the city’s history and modernity.

are drones allowed in jordan
Jordan, Wadi Rum

Jerash: It is a city located in the north of Jordan and is the city of Romans. Again, this city has so many ruins, and your drone footage can make them so attractive.

Dead Sea: It is a water body known as the lowest point on Earth. There are so many beaches in Jordan, all of this sea. A quick tip for you from me is if you fly your drone at sunset or sunrise over the dead sea or at its beaches, then it will be breathtaking.

Wadi Rum: If you want to see the dunes, canyons, and vast deserts, you should fly your drone at the wadi rum. It is a desert with so many rock formations and much to discover.

Petra: As I have told you before, Petra is the most stunning city in Jordan. The buildings and the structures are made of red rock, and the drone footage of Petra city will be so much fantastic. 

Important FAQs

Can I fly my drone in any part of Jordan?

No, flying a drone anywhere in Jordan is not allowed. There are governmental buildings, military bases, and national parks. If you want to fly your drone anywhere in Jordan, you must get permission from the related authorities first.

Do I need special permits or licenses to fly a drone in Jordan?

Yes, you need to obtain a special permit from the CARC to fly a drone in Jordan. If you plan on using your drone commercially, obtaining a CARC license is crucial.

What is the restriction on flying a drone in Jordan?

Drone flying restrictions in Jordan: No flying near airports or military sites, over crowds, or above private property without permission.

Are there any penalties for flying drones in Jordan without proper authorization?

Yes, flying drones in Jordan without proper authorization can result in fines and legal action by the Jordanian authorities. The penalties can be severe, so it is essential to obtain the necessary approvals before flying a drone in Jordan.
are drones allowed in jordan
Buildings in Amman city, Jordan

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Jordan country is full of the beauty of the desert and the cultures of history. If you want to explore the past more, you should visit Jordan as early as possible.

Numerous spots transport you to the past, giving you a nostalgic time-travel experience.

If you want to fly your drone in Jordan and capture the beauty of history in Jordan, then you can do this.

Drones are ultimately allowed to be flown in Jordan, whether you are a commercial drone pilot or a recreational drone pilot. But keep the regulations in mind always.

If you have any questions related to the question: Are drones allowed in jordan? Then you can ask in the comment box. I am eagerly waiting for your comment. Could you please share your feedback on this post? Your valuable thoughts and insights are highly appreciated!

Do you get excited about flying a drone in the desert over camels?

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Get ready to dive into the world of drone dos and don’ts in Jordan with this article. Jordan is a treasure trove of cultural marvels and natural wonders, making it a dream destination for capturing breathtaking drone footage.

Whether you’re a casual drone enthusiast or a serious commercial pilot, understanding the ropes laid out by the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) is your ticket to a smooth and enjoyable drone experience in this Middle Eastern gem.

We’ll show you the sweet spots for drone flights and fill you in on the nitty-gritty of what not to do to avoid any unwanted legal hiccups during your drone adventure in Jordan. All the info you crave is just a scroll away!

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