Can You Fly Drones in Colombia? (Drone Laws in Colombia 2024)

Can you bring a drone to Colombia

Colombia has breathtaking landscapes, mountains, and stunning beaches. It has a vibrant culture, warm people, and delicious cuisine that attracts visitors so much.

If you also plan to visit Colombia, you have made a good choice. But what about drones? Can you make videos of Colombia with your drone?

Can you fly drones in colombia?

You can bring a drone to Colombia but must follow specific rules and regulations. You must register your drone with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, obtain a permit to fly and comply with safety guidelines.

It is also essential to check with the airline’s rules you will fly with for additional restrictions or requirements.

I’ll address more questions that may cross your mind. If you’re planning to visit Colombia, capture its beauty with your drone, and seek helpful insights, this article is perfect for you. Keep reading.

Who controls the rules and regulations of drones in Colombia?

In Colombia, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Aerocivil, is the governing body responsible for regulating drones. Being a Ministry of Transport division, it supervises all aviation, including unmanned aircraft operations.

Aerocivil is tasked with ensuring safety and compliance with regulations and issuing permits and licenses for drone operations.

To legally fly a drone in Colombia, operators must comply with several regulations set by the Aerocivil.

These regulations include obtaining a permit for any commercial or non-recreational drone flight, registering the drone with authority, and following specific safety guidelines.

View of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Fly during daylight, maintain a safe distance from people and buildings, and avoid restricted areas like airports and military bases.

In recent years, Aerocivil has updated its drone regulations to keep up with the evolving technology and growing demand for drones in various industries.

The authority has introduced new rules for recreational drone pilots and stricter requirements for commercial drone operators.

As drones become more prevalent in Colombia, Aerocivil remains committed to ensuring their safe and responsible use.

What is required to have drone registration in Colombia?

Were you thinking of flying a drone in Colombia? It’s important to know that all drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) must be registered with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority (Aerocivil).

To register your drone in Colombia, follow these steps:

Sign up on Aerocivil’s website. Provide your personal details and drone information, such as weight, model, and serial number.

Upload your national ID card or passport along with proof of drone ownership.

Please complete a CAAC(Colombia Civil Aviation Authority) form to make it easy. After filling out the form, you must send it to this address:

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll receive a registration certificate from Aerocivil. This certificate must be carried with you whenever you fly your drone in Colombia.

Guatape, Colombia

Registration may take days, so plan accordingly if you intend to fly your drone soon.

What are the drone weight classes in Colombia?

Colombia’s civil aviation authority, Aeronáutica Civil, has established drone regulations. One of the main requirements is that drones must be classified by their weight class, which determines the level of regulation and safety measures that apply.

Colombia categorizes drones by weight: micro, small, medium, and large.

Microdrones weigh less than 2 kilograms, while small drones range from 2 to 25 kilograms. Medium drones weigh between 25 and 150 kilograms, and large drones weigh over 150 kilograms.

Each weight class has specific rules and requirements. For example, micro drones can be flown in urban areas if they do not exceed a maximum height of 50 meters, while small drones must be flown in designated areas and require a permit from Aeronáutica Civil.

Medium and large drones are subject to even stricter regulations, requiring a specialized operator’s license.

Colorful houses in Guatape, Colombia

Overall, understanding the weight classes for drones in Colombia is essential to operate drones safely and legally.

Whether you’re a recreational drone enthusiast or a professional drone operator, follow the rules and guidelines Aeronáutica Civil sets to ensure the safety of all those involved.

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How can I get drone pilot training in Colombia?

Are you looking to get drone pilot training in Colombia? You’re in luck! Colombia has several excellent training programs available for aspiring drone pilots.

The first step in getting drone pilot training in Colombia is to research the available options. Start by searching online for training programs in your area, or check with local universities or vocational schools to see if they offer drone pilot courses.

You can also look for private training companies specializing in drone pilot training. Compare course options and costs to choose the right one.

Once you’ve chosen a drone pilot training program in Colombia, it’s time to enroll and begin your training. Most programs will provide you with hands-on experience flying a drone and classroom instruction on safety regulations and flying techniques.

Mountain landscape with blue sky and clouds in Colombia

Some programs may also offer specialized training in aerial photography or surveying. With dedication and practice, you can become a skilled drone pilot.

How to apply for drone flight permission in Colombia?

To fly a drone in Colombia, follow guidelines and obtain permission from authorities. To fly a drone in Colombia, know the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Check the authority’s website for detailed drone regulations, covering altitude, distance from airports, restricted areas, and insurance requirements.

Next, you must apply for permission to fly your drone. Complete a form with flight details: location, date, time, drone info, and pilot experience.

You must also provide evidence of your insurance coverage and necessary certifications or licenses.

Streets of Cartagena in Colombia

After submission, the Aviation Authority reviews and evaluates the safety and legality of your application.

You can fly your drone in the specified location and timeframe if your application is approved.

Carry your permit when flying in case authorities request it. With these steps, you can ensure a safe and legal drone flight experience in Colombia.

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Do you need a drone license in Colombia?

A drone license is required for commercial use or drones over 250g in Colombia.

You must pass a theoretical and practical test the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) administered to get your license. The test covers aeronautical knowledge, drone operations, and safety rules.

But don’t worry if you’re flying a drone for recreational purposes! You don’t need a license but must follow some rules to ensure safety.

For example, you must keep your drone within your line of sight, not fly it near airports, and avoid flying over crowds or private property without permission. It’s always a good idea to check the regulations beforehand and fly responsibly.

Mountain landscape in Colombia

Remember that breaking the drone regulations in Colombia can result in fines or even legal consequences, so it’s essential to be aware of and follow the rules. I hope this information helps you navigate the drone regulations in Colombia.

What are some critical drone rules in Colombia?

Flying a drone without knowledge is risky and can be harmful. So first rule of CAAC is only to fly your drone with proper training. If you need to learn about drones and you are flying, then you can make something wrong.

As I have told you, flying a drone without the permission of CAAC is not allowed. So whenever you plan a drone flight in Colombia, you must contact the CAAC and tell them about the flight every time.

Flying a drone in strong winds is difficult. According to this hurdle, the CAAC has yet to allow any drone operator to fly the drone in windy or bad weather.

This time an excellent rule is changed. In numerous countries, drones are typically limited to a maximum altitude of 400 feet above ground level.

However, in the beautiful country of Colombia, drone enthusiasts are granted a slightly higher allowance, with a maximum altitude of 500 feet above ground level.

can you fly drones in colombia
El yardarm, Gauatape, Colombia

To maintain a safe distance from objects and people, keep your drone at least 50 meters away. When flying your drone using goggles or in FPV mode, adhere to the 750-meter maximum distance limit to avoid violating regulations. Exceeding this limit could result in legal consequences.

Government buildings or objects are more important than anything else for a country. It is not allowed to fly a drone near governmental buildings or houses. Keep your drone away from the airports at least 3 miles.

When flying in class C airspace, communication with ATC (Air Traffic Controller) via radio is mandatory.

What are the Colombia drone laws under 250g?

According to Colombia’s civil aviation authority (Aerocivil), drones weighing less than 250 grams (including their batteries and any other attached accessories) are considered “toys” and are exempt from registration and certification requirements.

Nevertheless, drone operators must adhere to specific guidelines and regulations:

can you fly drones in colombia
A beautiful place in the mountains of Colombia
  • Fly in daylight hours only.
  •  Keep your drone within your line of sight at all times.
  •  Do not fly above ground level over 120 meters (394 feet).
  •  Do not fly over people, public roads, or buildings.
  • Avoid flying your drone within a 5 km (3.1 miles) vicinity of airports, helipads, or other aviation establishments.
  •  Respect privacy, and obtain consent before capturing people in media.
  •  Only use your drone for commercial purposes by obtaining the appropriate permits.

Rules may change, check with authorities before flying in Colombia.

What will happen if you violate the drone laws in Colombia?

Adhering to regulations is crucial when flying drones, especially in foreign countries.

In Colombia, specific laws govern the use of drones to ensure safety and privacy, so it’s essential to be aware of them to avoid any trouble.

If you violate drone laws in Colombia, you may face serious consequences. Flying a drone over people, vehicles, and buildings is prohibited, and breaking this rule can result in penalties or drone confiscation.

Flying drones in restricted areas like airports, military zones, and national parks is strictly prohibited with severe penalties.

can you fly drones in colombia
Panoramic view of Bogota, Colombia

Therefore, it’s essential to follow the drone laws in Colombia to avoid any legal trouble. Before operating your drone, check with the authorities and obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

Safety should always be your top priority when flying a drone and respecting the laws and regulations is crucial to ensuring everyone stays safe. So, fly responsibly, have fun, and enjoy the beautiful views that Colombia has to offer!

How to find Colombia drone map?

Find drone maps of Colombia using various sources for specific information. Here are a few options:

Check online mapping platforms:

Several online mapping platforms offer drone maps of Colombia. Google Maps and Bing Maps are popular options, providing satellite and aerial views of the country.

You can also use specialized drone mapping platforms like DroneDeploy and Pix4D to find detailed drone maps of specific areas.

Consult government agencies:

can you fly drones in colombia
Scenic view of Tayrona national park, Colombia

The Colombian government has several agencies that provide drone mapping services for different purposes, including environmental monitoring, urban planning, and agriculture.

You can contact agencies like the Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (IGAC) or the Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (Colombian Air Force) to inquire about drone maps of Colombia.

Reach out to local drone pilots:

In Colombia, there exists a dynamic community of drone operators who utilize drones for diverse purposes such as aerial photography, mapping, and surveying.

You can reach out to local drone pilots through online forums and social media groups and ask if they have any drone maps of Colombia that they can share with you.

Purchase a commercial drone map:

Several commercial drone mapping companies offer high-quality drone maps of Colombia for purchase.

Businesses and organizations often use these maps for planning, analysis, and decision-making; examples of such companies include AirMap, Altitude Angel, and PrecisionHawk.

Ensure that you possess the required authorizations and permits to utilize the drone maps of Colombia, irrespective of the approach you select. The country imposes stringent regulations on drone usage and drone mapping information.

can you fly drones in colombia
Beach in Santa Marta, Colombia

Important FAQs

Are drones allowed in Colombia?

Drones are allowed in Colombia but are subject to specific regulations and restrictions. The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority (Aerocivil) regulates and oversees the use of drones in Colombia.
To fly a drone in the country, operators must obtain a permit from Aerocivil and comply with a set of rules and requirements.

Can I take a drone through customs in Colombia?

You can bring a drone into Colombia, but you must declare it at customs and obtain the necessary permits from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Non-compliance may lead to penalties, seizure, or possible incarceration. It’s recommended to contact Colombian customs and the aviation authority in advance to ensure compliance.

Is it legal to bring a drone to Colombia?

Yes, it is legal to bring a drone to Colombia. However, some specific regulations and requirements must be followed.

Are there any restricted areas for flying drones in Colombia?

There are restricted areas where drones cannot fly in Colombia, such as near airports, military installations, and government buildings. It is essential to check the regulations before flying your drone.

What are the consequences of breaking the drone regulations in Colombia?

Violating drone rules in Colombia may result in fines, drone seizure, or potential criminal charges, depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Are there any cultural or ethical considerations to remember when flying a drone in Colombia?

Respecting local communities and their privacy when flying a drone in Colombia is essential. It is also important to avoid disturbing wildlife or damaging natural habitats.

Which locations in Colombia are ideal for drone flying?

Colombia offers numerous stunning natural landscapes perfect for capturing aerial images with your drone, including the Andes Mountains, the Caribbean coastline, and the Amazon rainforest.

However, it is vital to research the regulations and obtain the necessary permits before flying your drone.

can you fly drones in colombia
Crystal River, Colombia

Final Thoughts

Bringing a drone to Colombia is possible but requires careful planning and adherence to regulations. Researching the specific requirements and restrictions before traveling and obtaining the necessary permits and certifications is essential.

Suppose you plan to bring a drone to Colombia, research and follow all regulations and guidelines to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience.

By adhering to the laws and regulations of Colombia, you can responsibly appreciate the awe-inspiring vistas and record captivating footage of the country’s magnificent natural splendor.

If you have any further questions related to the question: Can you fly drones in colombia? Then you can ask in the comment box I will answer them immediately.

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